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ESA Appeals

I finally have my letter from my specialist,what he`s wrote is `This is to certify that this gentleman is under our care for his connective tissue disease(SLE)which is causing a considerable amount of pain,disability and also inability to work.We see him on a regular basis,every 3months`.I hope this will be enough to win my appeal.Hopefully i could be getting another letter from my neurologist as well.My specialist was didsgusted when i showed them what they`d wrote,the bit about it not been a serious disease,any advice on my appeal who`d be appreciated,am i in the clear?surely a specialist trumps a doctor!!yours,Andrew.

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Hi Andrew

Good luck for your ESA Appeal. Your Rheumy's letter is great, should help you and specially if you get a similar one from your neurologist. Let us know how it goes. Misty.


I think this is disgusting I have COPD and many symptoms of Lupus I think the benefit system is unfair it does not work and should be changed back to what it was before Mr Brown messed it up.

Anyone with a long term illness with no cure should be awarded benefit without having to go through all this c**p that they call a benefit system


Totaly agree i am waiting on my decision on PIP went for face to face assesment was told i would hear in about 8 weeks from 14 th December, however received a letter from office manager yesterday saying sorry for the delay we wil be in touch shortly once we have made our deceision! The whole system is a joke especially when been awareded for life it make s no sense having to keep going through the same stuff over and over again, It runied christmas with all the stress not knowing if my money will stop , i need it to pay for my accupunter and other things that help me deal with daily life through no fault of my own.

will let you know the outcome as soon as i get it.


Hi rlupus first time I put in for DLA it took them 14 months on the Friday I went to our local job centre and I asked if they would contact them they said they had not come to a decision, less than 24 hours a letter came turning me down. I went back to the job centre and they told me to re- apply which I did this time for PIP within 8 weeks I got a phone call from Capita asking if they could do a home visit 2 days later this women turned up at the door I was covered in purple bruises rash on my face feeling like c**p, I explained about my COPD and back problems within a hour she had gone 2 weeks later I get a letter saying I had been awarded low rate PIP but before I got the letter I had a phone call from a assessor asking if my condition had improved I told her I would need a lung transplant for my condition to improve.

I also have acupuncture at £40.00 a session and my PIP goes towards this I know its hard I got my PIP awarded for 2 years so I'm back to square one soon good luck


Thanks for replying i have copd and lupus and a multitude of other problems i had all the medical evidence and still have to deal with all this rubbish, i been on high rate mobility and middle care so god knows what they will do now as i said this was for life , but that counts for nothing.

my acupunter is 50.00 every 4 weeks , if i lose my money this wil have to stop .

let you know when i get a response.


Hi try Benefits and work site. I am claiming PIP and find it very helpful it tells you how to appeal for different benefits and to claim for them

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I know this is for the American system but you should review and the Nolo articles on disability for ideas on how to document your limitations. They recommend a functional diary and pain diary. It might also be useful to have friends/family members write a few letters showing your limitations to be witnesses.

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