Seeking another opinion!!!!!

So I went for my appt today with rheumy.. Not good , to start she never opened or even read any of the messages I've been sending via the online app to the medical chart (end)... Then she asks me all the same stuff from back in April when my DSDNA was positive.. Then she does the biggest mistake and just discouraged all faith I had in her and asked why I was taking 50000 of vitamin d 1x a week I responded because YOU PRESCRIBED IT!!! Then she just goes on and on about my labs being negative so I became emotional because yes my labs are negative NOW!!! But I e been documenting and taking and sending photos of my battle and symptoms !!! She never looked at my mouth, or nose sores!!! So I FIRMLY Stated WHAT DO I DO WHEN IM IN PAIN, stiff sore and just feeling sick and in bed fatigued for days??? She responded "exercise "!!!!! Then finally the Sjogrens issues, she told me take eye drops , chew sugarless gum or candy , drink more water, continue with my sunglasses and use KY jelly!! And see her in 2 months after I see eye dr in October and after that we can discuss lip biopsy .. Also she said I'm depressed!!! Go figure!!! Oh she did prescribe Plaquenil and then 2 weeks after I start that she said to start Gabapatin!!! NOT!!!!!!!! I'm ill enough to prescribe medication but not worth the time to know my situation when you walk into my visit!!! Just really discouraging and back to ground zero for me!!! Oh and she never addressed why I have salivary gland dysfunction, she ordered the test to r/o Sjogrens.... So since it hasn't been ruled out, what now???I cannot believe she never even looked at my pics or even really taken me serious!! sorry for the rant!!!

So for now who knows what I have but she did say she knows I have chronic pain syndrome whatever that means!!! But what about all this other crap going on?? Oh then she said my fibro is flaring but I thought steroids did nothing for fibro??? Then she responded " well steroids make everyone feel better".... I was told different!!!! I know better steroids do nothing for fibro and when my body hurts and I get really bad steroids is the only thing that sets me straight so I'll add that to the journey!!!!

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  • Winterbaby07, I am so sorry you are hurting, in addition to your physical suffering. She is a very bad physician who is not doing her job. YOU have done more than hold up your end. Have you the option of finding another physician? I'm so sorry you must undergo such cruelty searching for solutions. All I'm able to offer is empathy. Please know I understand and wish you well. --molly

  • Hi Molly

    Thanks for the kind words and support. I did call and schedule a second opinion but of course that's not until October so my battle continues!!!

    Thanks again I'll keep you posted!


  • IMHO if this woman treats all her patients so abusively, she ought to be relieved of her lucenses/privileges. In my travels among various specialties I have found MDS with varying degrees of empathy. If rheumys are so dense as to withhold kindness, they're in the wrong specialty. We have spent tears, many of us, not being believed, our symptoms denied and/or deflected. Such tactics apply equally to domestic violence, which we may also have experienced. Continuing good wishes for better days agead. --molly

  • This woman/so called specialist aounds like SHE needs to see a doctor. Definitely get a second opinion. I wish for you a more competent rheumatologist on your next visit.

    Keep fighting. As patients....we need to be our own best advocate.

    Good luck and take care!

  • Sounds like reumi is doing all the right things this illness S's is not a walk in the park

    Take it easy try not to stress eat a good mixed diet with no artifical flavors or colours and try and get some exercise she,s got you back in two months she,s on your case

    Take it easy.

  • Plaquenil may help but you have to give it up to 3 months. i heard sometimes you can be diagnosed even with negative results if the treatment works for you.

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