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Being brave and talking about my lupus this morning eek!

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Morning all

I just wanted to share that this morning, I will be talking to a group of people at my workplace about lupus eeeek!

I started my job in January and have joined and am helping to form a Disability Network, which will raise awareness of conditions amd will also be a support network for employees.

This morning we have a Q&A session where people can turn up and ask about the network (I have no idea how many people will turn up) and i thought I'd use it to talk about why I joined and also about my own health, ie lupus.

I'm a little nervous and don't really know why I'm posting on here but maybe the nerves are just making me babble on a bit :)

Anyway hope everyone has a good day x

7 Replies
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Good luck. Good on you for raising awareness and talking about it. I'm sure that you will do great. X

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Good for you!! I'm sure you will be brilliant. If you get in touch with Lupus UK they will send you out some info leaflets and bookmarks etc which you could give out at a later date, it all helps to spread awareness.

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I think it's great that you're raising awareness especially in the workplace. It's not easy getting people to understand, especially where Lupus is concerned, so good luck, hope you get a good turn out x x

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Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure whether to do it or not originally but I'm so glad I did now. Some colleagues came up to me after and said they found it interesting and some with other health problems said it made them feel happier to talk about their own issues.

I still think there is a long way to go with invisible illnesses but hopefully if more people have the courage to speak about it it will help :)

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Am thinking of you! I bet it was great! Hurrah! XO

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I hope that you sharing your knowledge about Lupus will encourage more understanding for you & others. Bless you!

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Good luck and well done for taking this on 👏👏👏

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