A nice comment about my review into diet/nutrition/lifestyle and lupus

Hi everyone,

I just throught I would update you - after I blogged about negative comments from doctors regarding a link between diet/nutrition/lifestyle and lupus management I decided to email my research review paper to Professor Graham Hughes who, as most of you know, is a highly regarded lupus specialist (you can read about him here:

I didn't think that Professor Hughes would reply but yesterday he emailed me and was very positive about my review paper. He also mentioned that he does feel that dietary/lifestyle factors can play a major part in lupus.

So I wanted to thank everyone here who encouraged me to continue looking into, and writing about, lupus and diet/lifestyle. I feel that the comments from Professor Hughes have given me the courage to continue (i'm not sure how I will make that happen yet but where there is a will there is a way).

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For more information about my review paper please visit my website

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Hi Ani

Very pleased to hear of Proffessor Hughe's good response to your work. It's a great endorsement and I hope it helps in taking you further.

Best wishes



keep up the good work.


Great news!

Reading your research paper was a revelation to me! I think it is wonderful: you have brought together info on all this important recent research regarding lupus & nutrition, and you present it so well that even a non-academic like me can understand it. I hope others on this forum know about your website, and that your review is available there: well worth reading

And I feel this way even after years spent reading as much as i could find, trying hard to get my diet etc right: I know, from trial & error over many years, that the way I eat affects my health, but having read your paper I feel I really understand how & why

Thanks so much

Looking forward to learning more from you


Hi Ani

Love your work! Diet/nutrition/lifestyle contributes to overall health in all cases. Well done getting the positive feedback from the man himself!

Fruitloop x


I fully agree, as a patient with 5 disorders I have followed the correct diet with supplements as a teenager as I never had any diagnosis for five conditions, luckily the right attitude to exercise as well. Mary F..... psoriatic arthropathy, lupus, hughes, sjgroens and hypothyrodism..... !


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