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Hi, I've had a 'fatty liver' for over 20 years without and treatment.

Due to my Lupus (also have Fibromyalgia with a few other complications) I have regular blood tests which my GP does not discuss with me saying all is fine, however, following yesterday's Lupus group meeting, I found out that everyone there has a GP that discusses the blood test with them, some even have a copy. I ring to find out my results and am told I have abnormal readings but when I see my GP she says all is normal. I've managed to get a copy of last week's blood test from the receptionist, it shows I have a very high ALT Level which my GP has marked beside it that it is being correctly treated (no treatment so far) and an Alkaline Phosphatase which she also said is being correctly treated and is in the age related calcium range.

Does anyone else have this, either a GP who refuses to discuss the blood test or these problems?

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  • No, on the contrary. I have abnormal liver tests all the time and both my rheumatologist and I monitor them but the GP insists on talking to me about them each time I get abnormal results. I like her for that, she's doing her job properly.

    So I'd go back to your GP and challenge the lack of attention and more importantly, the blood results!

  • Thanks, I know my liver is bad and I am constantly bringing up sick. When my liver is bad I feel poisoned. I also have sharp stabbing pains on my right hand side but my GP said it is just 'normal" for me, but they aren't and have only just started in the last 3 months, the pain takes my breathe away and if I have 2 together it makes me shake it hurts so much.

    Are you results much higher than mine?

  • They differ, my Gamma GT is always high, then the ALT and ASP increase haphazardly once in a while. Before diagnosis and treatment my Gamma GT was 360 (the upper range is 38 or 52, depending on the lab). The ALT jumped to 157 once. What are yours like?

    Since taking mycophenolate for lupus they settled down, though my Gamma GT is still twice the upper limit.

    I know the right side pain very well, I usually have it when I get into a flare, nothing helps, not even hot water bottle, and painkillers make no difference.

    You need to be referred to a Hepatologist (liver specialist) - get that GP to refer you ASAP, what's all this about it being 'normal', she doesn't know that, this is not her speciality. A liver specialist is far more up to date on symptoms, treatments, procedures etc regarding the liver than any GP.

  • My gamma GT used to be 352, no treatment though as the GP thought I was an alcoholic!

    You are right, my GP acts like she is a specialist in everything! She is driving me mad, I think I should find another GP as all the trust has gone.

  • Hi. Sounds like autoimmune hepatitis to me you need to see a liver doctor don't be put off. My lupus inflamed my liver so badly I now have cirrhosis of the liver and have to take Azathioprine to stop further damaged, like everyone else both my specialist and GP talk through my blood results with me. Go back and ask her again good luck


  • Hi, Thanks for your advice, I was told years ago it was autoimmune hepatitis had a liver biopsy which because I insisted as so ill. The specialist was so rude and said it was a fatty liver and I needed to lose weight (I'm a size 14). When I asked for a 2nd opinion I was given a biopsy and told it was OK for me. Only when another GP got involved who worked with the head honcho did the Gp agree that something was not good but he said there was nothing he could do and that diet played a big part in it.

  • My liver specialist actually treats my AIH so I don't understand why they didn't at least follow up your diagnosis with regular blood tests and ultrasounds, I have monthly bloods and quarterly ultrasound test. You definitely need to see another liver doctor.

    Good luck hope you feel better soon


  • I don't understand it either, how can these high readings be 'normal' for me. I think I am being treated like this because the junior specialist that first saw me said I was too big and needed help with a dietician, saying it was weight related, as a size 14 I felt insulted and asked for a 2nd opinion. My liver was enlarged then and my stomach swollen. They then did a biopsy under duress and said they were right it was 'just a fatty liver' like I had caused it. When my new GP say it he spoke to the senior specialist who said I had a problem not thinking the GP would tell me. Naturally they stuck together and nothing since, except my abnormal readings still. I have a problem with any alcohol and often bring up sick from meals.

  • please go back to your doctor tell him/her that you are being sick its not normal they need to find out exactly whats wrong and why you are having consistently abnormal readings


  • Thanks, I will do.

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