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Caffeine Makes Me Tired

So I recently got into coffee, it startet with just a little, but now I'm drinking large amouts of it ( so much that I don't actually know how much) but I noticed something: I start feeling tired throughout the day, even when I drank coffee, I fall asleep much faster at night and I get up easier in the morning. So am I the only one who gets tired when drinking coffee, and is there a scientific reason for it?

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I found I was 'allergic' to caffeine when I was 13, used to get awful migraines, continued through my 20's but I found if I drank a couple of cups of tea a day I built up a bit of immunity and could eat the occasional milk chocolate. Once I go into my 30's I found I could drink more and more tea with no migraine, I can now drink the occasional coffee, but although I don't get a migraine I do get very sleepy, almost a sort of drunk state! Now it could be all the painkillers I'm on anyway stopping the migraine, I don't know, but I have always had the sleepy side effect, just always assumed it was part of the migraine? :)


Me to tea and coffee make me tired caffeine tea and coffee making me chilled out.


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