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Please can anyone tell me if the sun makes you feel groggy!

I have been waking up with such a groggy head not a headache but a feeling of thick fuzzy tired head.its soooooo hard to get through the day without thinking of sleep.If i think too much or consentrate too hard i end up woozy not dizzy but spaced out feeling.

does anyone have advice?

xxxx debbie

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I suffer from this however apart from LUPUS I also suffer from APS which causes me to feel dizzy (depending on INR) I find that sitting in the sun makes me worn out. In fact looking back many years when first diagnosed with Lupus noticed that I got extremly tired sitting in the sun, mind you I feel brighter when the sun is out. Hydroxychloroquine and MMF warns you not to sit in the sun which I am on, but I cover up.



I feel exactly the same as you. Can't wait until winter. My head feels like there is a cloud in it especially when I am tired (which is most of the time in the summer)

and I am unable to concentrate on the simplest things,my brain gets to the stage where I can't do a simple take away sum in my head (my calculator is now one of my best friends)

My memory is also playing up, my cooking pots prove this, start cooking get distracted and then forget all about what is happening in the kitchen.

Never mind, not much I can do about this. Just have to focus on one thing at a time.

Sorry I don't have a miracle cure, if you can rest regularly it does help.



I love this time of year because I get quite low in winter. BUT yes I suffer from extreme fatifue at this time! I could sleep all night and all afternoon if I was able to. It's almost like the sun melts you or drains you of little energy you had. Try and keep covered up and have plenty of rest when you can hun.


Hello, I have only just been disgnosed with UCTD but I have for the past three years hated the summer months. I love the sun but I feel so low and tired, rashes if I stay in the sun uncovered and lovely red blotchy skin!!! I have just been put on the hydrochloroquine, hope I spelt that right, and I am praying that the aches and pains and the ability to have a life in the summer months will be forthcoming......lets hope so. I do wear long cotton sleeves now and 50 sun factor, yippee..dont despair, you have all of us loopylu.


this is interesting, I sat out on Sunday and was really dozey, ended up fatiqued and had to go to bed at 5.45 and could not get up till lunchtime yesterday when it took real effort and all I wanted to do was sleep again, I will monitor this, thankyou


Sunlight (and other UV light) can cause lupus to flare up. I'm usually OK in spring but have to be carefull as sun gets stronger in the summer, as too much sunlight can make me more fatigued as well as my aches worsen. GP can prescribe strong sunscream for people with SLE, it's also worth covering up and minimizing exposure


As you can see - you are not alone in this! Sometimes the dizziness can be a reaction to drugs you are on, or if you are in the sun with nothing covering the top of your head and back of your neck. Try wearing sunspecs which are darker than normal (transitions are excellent as they adjust to the amount of light). This may sound crazy ...but a HOT wet flannel is very refreshing when you feel fatigued.(This is what cabin crew give people on flights and it really works).

The benefits of sunshine (Vit D and lifting of the spirits) can outweigh the disadvantages - if you protect your skin and relax, hopefully you will be able to enjoy these brighter days, after the grey of Winter..... and plug in to some of that natural energy! Take Care


Hi Debbie

I've been feeling the exact same thing all this week. Groggy head and a headache I've had all week. I love the summer as I get quite down in the winter towards January, February and am always so happy to see the return of the sun. I'm determined to enjoy summer this year but not quite sure how it will affect me with this stupid lupus. I'm seriously vitamin D deficient so hopefully it will help with that just need to protect my face at all costs. I also suffer from terrible hay fever that can cause sinusitis, my doctor prescribes me tablets for it that help massively. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, this whole journey is scary and lonely but we gotta keep trying to fight it. Easier said than done I know, I lost my fight a bit last week but I'm back on it now. Got an apt with a rhumatologist on 5 April so I've got my fingers crossed its a good visit.

Take care shug x x


hi casey

its good to hear you are fighting back (its a must) i also love the sunny days i have a dog and she needs walks so i have been in the sun a lot and so far no rashes (fingers crossed) walking has definatly made me feel normal im now always wearing my lupus wrist band when im walking and so many other walkers have asked me what lupus is,its definately not well known.

im glad you have an earlier appointment with hospital at least you can ask all the questions that play on your mind,i managed to change my appointment too from june to april 26th.

i saw a counsellor this week to see if she can help me come to terms with the change in my life, she was amazing as she said im still in shock and im grieving for the life i had,she said i will get over it and i will in time learn to except it. i hope shes right.

good luck for 5th april let me know how you get on.

debbie xx


I agree with all the above, One of the first things my Dr. told me was the sun was not good for me, ( in long lengths of time.) I love the spring and summer so I wear a hat, or just wont stay out very long in it.


Yes...VERY the sun is shining after a few rainy cloudy days in a row...I just wanted to close my eyes..I also just generally do not feel right while the sun is shining....I used to be a sun worshiper .....I was a child of the 60's/70's...


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