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Inflamed eyes

it could be because of the angle of the sun or because I've tried wearing makeup again but my eyes are really itchy and sting, especially in the inner corners. They're even a bit swollen. This happens now and again so I tend to always wear sunglasses but I'm at a loss what to do this time. My usually cleaning with boiled then cooled water isn't helping. Warm compress maybe? Had it for about a week now and I'm bored with it

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Hello silvergilt....I think I know what you version of this gets worse in winter with the extremes of cold, warmth & drying air inside that we're exposed to....also, car exhaust & City air gets my eyes going...whatever, my eyes react as you're describing & they also are more predisposed to that gritty feeling. I usually don't have a bacterial infection involved...but this is possible with your symptoms.

A wonderful consultant at our local nhs hospital's eye clinic explained to me that my version of this is mainly due to my version of sjogrens/sicca, but that these symptoms are characteristic of the typical 'dry eye' syndrome that affects lots of people as they get older...the diff is: we're not exactly 'older' yet!

This consultant specialised in autoimmune condition patients. He prescribed a daily regime of artelac nighttime gel + hylotear daytime drops + told me to get a MGD Rx Eye Bag from Amazon to treat my blocked up meibomian glands (little glands lined beside your eyelashes that produce v important lubricating the MGD Rx box you get the eye bag & instructions re the massage technique to use after you've applied the warm bag). I'd suffered so badly from these symptoms for 10+ years by the time he prescribed all this...and I felt only time would prove him right. So I gave his regime a good go and hey presto it really really helped....this was several years ago, and I'm complying ongoing

Since then, I've discovered a good optician will give similar advice (mine never did, haha), and I've run into several forum members who find a similar regime helpful. But first, do check with a Dr to be sure you don't also have a bacterial blepharitis or something, which needs a slightly specialist treatment alongside the regime I've described

Anyway, hope something in there is helpful

(I tried the warm damp flannel compress method but it irritated my Periorbital tissues causing rashes, ugh....but that system does work for some people...the dry warm MGD Rx eye bag a system works better for me)


Thanks for this. I've been trying just cleaning my eyes but it wasn't doing much. It has eased it. I've got that gritty feeling too, like there's sand in my eyes. Argh! I am going to Specsavers for prescription sunglasses later this week. And I will see if I can get one of tho dry masks as I will prob get this again.

Thanks again!


Good plan.....and if you have a chance, check with the optician & your gp there isn't a bacterial problem of some kind: the treatments for these are straight forward (eg if you haven't already, Google blepharitis & you'll find descriptions of impression is that seriously fussy hygiene is key to treatment & avoidance of bacterial trouble).

My feeling is: avoid taking risks with eyes....and get expert opinions when any prob is persistent....+ move fast to see drs when your vision is affected in any way

Glad to look at this with you!

Wishing you all the best

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If you have Lupus you may also have Sjogren's. I have that plus a host of other "lovelies" that accompany Lupus. My eye doctor prescribes Restasis and I use Natural Tears (drug store generic type) several times a day. Dry eye can do this. My eyes are red often and hurt. even with Restasis they burn at times and look red. Try using the over the counter preservative-free natural tears. Make sure it says preservative free - very important!

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Thanks for this, I had to use similar ages ago when I was in US (my eyes sometimes would swell shut) but wasn't sure what product is here. I will look out for the artificial tears stuff I really should have some here at home. Friend of mine has reminded me this happens to me when I'm out in sun without sunglasses so I will have to get those scrip sunglasses soon. Really can't be without on sunny days even when I think it will be okay.


Because my eyes are so dry, I have to find some that don't burn. Even some preservative free burn. I use one that is a generic for Natural Tears. That one is the only one that doesn't burn. It's a chronic condition and probably will always be there. I have to try. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and then laser on both eyes and tons of floaters so my sight gets worse when my eyes are too dry.



I suffer with eye problems that seem to flair with my other medical problems.

Can't offer you a solution but would say be careful your make up isn't more than about six months old as older cosmetics can become full of bacteria.

I'm sure you know, but just in case.



I have blurry vision (or double vision). I've had to stop driving at night if I don't know where I'm going because I cannot read the signs. This has been ongoing for about 10 years but is getting worse and worse. My most recent optician thinks maybe dry eye (but drops did not help). I think it may have to do with sinus pressure. If the optician says my eyes are healthy, yet even when corrected correctly and prisms added too I still see blurry (sometimes more than others). My question is.... is this a symptom of lupus? I had a rhemy doc tell me my body was flirting with lupus. She had put me on immunosuppresants but they didn't seem to help my symptoms very much. I currently live in the UK. What kind of doctor should I ask to be referred to for this eye issue?


hi mezzoishere,

Double vision can occur due to several reasons. Dry eye syndrome and cataract are few among them. You better consult an excellent eye specialist near your city. If you have dry eye syndrome, you should diagnose the category and then apply suitable eye drops. I had both, cataract and eye dryness. As per the advice from an eye specialist myeye dryness was corrected before the cataract laser surgery done in Oakville ( ) . Deep breathing exercise also has great impact in dry eye disease. If both doesn’t work, then go for advance eye treatment like lipiflow treatments. I don’t think you have any lupus issue.


I don't have cataracts, and the eye doc gave me eye drops that help sometimes, but not with blurriness. Strangely when my eyes feel dry I can see much better. I will ask my GP to refer me to a different eye doctor. Thanks.