Hi can anybody keep me right on this my son gets pip and my boyfriend wants to move in will my sons pip stop thanks

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  • Hi

    PIP is not means tested and does not take into account who lives with you. If your son receives ESA he may find this is adjusted if your boyfriend pays him anything either in money of goods.

    They will find any excuse to take money off you

  • Hi what is esa stand for plz im not used to all this thanks

  • Employment and Support Allowance. Its paid if your son is unable to work.

    If you are not sure exactly what you are doing best advice as others have said is to go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau

  • Ok thank you

  • Yes in reference to tired18, PIP will not be affected as it is a benefit paid due to a disability that has a direct impact on day to day life.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you

  • Hi Aggz

    Your previous replies are spot on to say PIP is paid for your son's health needs. To be sure you could phone the Citizens Advice Bureau and ask them. They will tell you. X

  • Ok thank you nisty

  • I don't think it will effect your sons pip claim if your boyfriend moves in

  • Thanks ramada

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