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Strange rash

Ideveloped a strange circular very itchy rash on both of my calves one is now the size of a saucer ,i thought at first I had ringworm ,went to doctors and saw a locom she was very nice and it is not ringworm she told me it is a type of eczema and gave me a steroid cream and moisturiser ,5 days and not improving it is very inflamed and lumpy and now I seem to be itching all over and patches of a fine rash , I don't feel too brilliant very tired and slightly dizzy has anyone out there had these strange symptoms ???

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I would get the GP to send you to a dermatologist, in case is discoid lupus. I don't want to panic you but is best to be safe than sorry.


purpletop has given you good advice. i'd also take photos of your rash right now & also take more as the rash progresses & as it disappears with treatment etc. it's good you're noting the other symptoms that you're experiencing...will help you & your drs


I had theses rashes on my legs. It happens when I get a flare ups. Steroids, rest and a change of diet helped. Hope you get over this bout soon.


I get these rashes and like you thought they were ring worm but they aren't and now my legs below the knee itch like mad I would like to know what it is

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I have the same on my chest,only smaller in size and my dermatologist said it's probably Lupus profundus.I let you know after the biopsy.


I agree with the comments that suggest a dermatologist. Use whatever referral method you need but that specialty would be your best bet to have a skin issue addressed. Discoid lupus does not have to only be on the face.


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