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Sun Protective Clothing

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Has anyone managed to find reasonably priced sun protective clothing? I'm particularly keen to find suitably protective gloves at less than £50 & a similarly suitable head scarf/wrap for less than £50. Or am I being unreasonable? Is sun protective fabric particularly expensive,is that why the cost is so high?

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Hi. I use and recommend goods from Australia. The particular outlet is WA cancer council. Been using hat wrap and gloves 12 years washes brill hat woven so soft but brim remains good. Such a huge range and they know about 100% sunproofing. Oh I also have a colapsable sun repellant umbrella which has the bonus of the shade taking off 2* off sun temperature.

Have a look see what you think

Enjoy ox

PS on clothing

Just been on the site. I found hats and gloves for less that £30. Their range is not as extensive as it once was but essentials are there.

Good luck


Sorry, Mrs Newfy, put it down to brain fog. Having re looked on websie there are the usual wide range. Tut!, the wrap I have is over £60 but it is the most useful of my sun screens as it can be used in car wherever the sun attacks.

Good hunting


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Many thanks,Footygirl. Did you buy these products in Australia or do they ship to UK?

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They ship abroad. The web page is not the clearest to navigate, hence my 3 replies! But logic and the modicum of sense I don't have, will reveal all.

No probs. you are welcome Mrs!!!



Look in Decathlon, they have some great clothing and it's not too pricey.


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Are they up to 100% sun proof though?

I haven't found anything at a reasonable price unfortunately, all the proper sun protective stuff seems to be very expensive. I bought some UPF50 gloves from Coolibar, I can't remember quite how much as I've had them a few years, and also a UPF gigantic hat.

Recently I have discovered Solumbra, who do UPF100 clothes, and have bought a top, leggings, and a wrap, all UPF100. All v expensive but worth it I think.

Uniqlo are a fashion shop, and do sun protective stuff now and then and they are very cheap. I just bought a hoodie for £20! and a cardigan for about the same. Hoodie says UPF40 though so not brilliant but it will be good as a light cover up that won't get me too hot hopefully as it's quite thin. Cardigan doesn't say. So they are not 'proper' UPF clothes but maybe a handy addition. Haven't seen gloves there yet but am keeping an eye out.

For Coolibar and Solumbra, you need to order from the USA. The UK is woeful at UPF clothing.

And yes also agee with Footygirl re having a wrap - it's the best thing ever for the car as I can completely cover my front from neck to feet. That with the hat, face shield, sunglasses, gloves and a scarf, I just look amazing, haha!

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MrsNewfy in reply to Lucy74

Many thanks Lucy74 for your helpful advice. I couldn't believe how expensive the sun protective clothing is & felt sure I must be missing something but it would appear not!

I use Sunsibility products - their gloves are less than £50 unless you want long ones. The short gloves are £40, the medium gloves are £45.

thank you everyone as I found this question very helpful as I too havnt found sun protection clothing within my budget. I will look at those websites now, thank you all x

I don't know if this is of any help to you ((all)) but I use factor 50 with ***** and thin long sleeve tops from places like 'Prymart' and or 'TK Maxx' and keep applying the lotion. Good luck all. x

Thank you all for your helpful replies. Prescription factor 50 + is clearly no longer sufficient for me. However,I managed to find some thick double layered cotton gloves(£1.99 in Aldi) which have returned my hands to normal,thankfully.By the sounds of it a wrap or hooded scarf from the Sunsibility range might be a good investment.I'm also thinking about the u.v. blocking film for some of my windows.Any advice would be gratefully received!

Uniqlo do a uv protection range at reasonable prices but didn't have much of a selection online last time I looked - could be they have more on stores? Or would the rit guard sun in wash in protection work for you? I had to get my last order from eBay but that way you can buy whatever headscarf you like and wash the protection in. having been told by my rheumy to wear bright and white colours the photo dermatology unit have told me that advice is totally wrong and I should be wearing dark fabrics that show very little light through when held up to a window. Hope that helps x

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Ok sorry please ignore ... This question only just showed up for me and for some reason I couldn't see all the other replies! I think my iPad has seen its best days 😊

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