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So I've had it confirmed. Started hydroxychloroquine today, can't wait for it to kick in. Does it really take 3 months? Will it stop me having flares?

I told my employer and two days later they sacked me, provided no reason and refuse to speak to me. It was by post! I'd just had a pay rise so they can't pretend they had a problem with my work. I was supposed to be promoted in June. Not sacked! It's made me rethink my whole career. I was studying to be a lawyer but can't even sit my exam which is tomorrow. I've gone from working full time and studying to nothing when my little one is in school. What do other people do? What careers and if at home how do you pass the time?

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They can't just sack you. did you have any warnings?

Nope. Everything was fine, I took a week off, self certified for 7 days as per their policy. Told them about lupus on Tuesday. Decided to sack me Thursday. Prior to this I've had one sick day. No reason provided and dodging speaking to me (guilty conscience maybe?)

I hope they are ashamed. Not just losing my job but damaging my whole career because of their ignorance regarding lupus!

It's illegal to sack someone without any warnings. this happened to me and took them to a tribunal which I win. They had the book threw at them. seek legal advice. x

Do you work now if I may ask? If so what do u do? X

haven't worked for 3 years due to mental health. got diagnosed with lupus in 2017, then fibromialgia this year along with chronic fatigue syndrome. don't know if I have both lips and fibro still seeing rheumatologist every 6 months. my e.s.a. was stopped last year and only on the assessment e.s.a. rate. 73 quid a week. bloody joke. my mum has to support me at her age of 69. in the throes of a tribunal which was to be next Thursday but unfortunately I have had a bereavement which I could not believe is on the day of my tribunal. I have had to have it postponed with proof when and what time the funeral is. it's all so stressful. d.w.p. will see the death of a lot of people as they can't cope. if I didn't have my mum and best friend, I couldn't carry on. my life has no quality. don't do hardly anything as I can't. these people want to be in our shoes and know how debilitating this/these diseases are. x

I'm so sorry to hear all of the above. Once you have your tribunal please let me know how you get in xx

Ok. Xx

Sorry for my short reply last night, I was falling asleep. I'm so sorry things are so hard for you but I'm glad u have a bit of support. You're right, people think it will never affect them and show total disregard for people like us, but it can happen to anyone at any time x

You definitely need to take advice about being sacked. Legal or ACAS, Citizens Advice etc

Cathylou this is just unacceptable. Please get some help as the others here have advised. It is totally illegal. I presume you had a contract of employment? Seek legal aid etc. Unsure where you live but there should be a Disability Advice Centre, or Advocacy type set up in your area. Citizens Advice , yes, but it always depends on the individual you see I find - although this is pretty cut and dry. Here are some links to assist:

I wish you well Cathylou, in all respects... and hope you have some friends and family to support you through this. I will keep checking to see if you post your progress. Big hug, D

It is a slow release thing BUT we are all different - mine worked fairly fast. I just realised one day I had energy again. Have not looked back. Please take them to court and carry on with your ambition - don’t let Lupus or them beat you. Good luck

Hi cathylou, I started on hydroxy last June and had a great response 2 months later (I did have a depot steroid injection to tide me over tho) which has by and large been sustained for tendon and joint pain. I don’t know enough about your employment details to offer much comment, however, it sounds as if you’ve been employed less than 2 years with your recent employer? If so, the bad news is you can’t claim for unfair dismissal if you’ve been in the job less than 24 months. It’s a whole different story with regards to discrimination on the grounds of disability (no minimum time limit in terms of length of employment but the claim must be lodged with ACAS not later than 3 months from the date of the discriminatory act, minus a day) before you can proceed to an ET. This area of employment law is quite complex. The ACAS bit is free and can be done onlineIf you have legal cover with your home insurance, they would underwrite a claim but they would need to be sure you have (reasonable) 51% prospect of success at least. I am currently in the middle of similar claim supporting someone else right now and it’s a minefield. I suggest you look up ACAS code of practice and there’s various sites re disability discrimination. I absolutely think injustice like you’re experiencing should be challenged. Good luck

Cathylou please seek advice from ACAS or citizens advice, as after my diagnosis of Lupus my occupational health nurse at work said that Lupus is highly likely to be classed as a disability under employment law so you should have extra protections in regards to disability discrimination as Lupymo mentions above.

I’m still working but have temporarily cut back my hours as only been on hydroxychloroquine and prednisone for 2.5 months, hoping that by 6 months I’ll have the energy to increase the hours again, but waiting to find out what my new normal is before making any big decisions. Luckily work have been really supportive so far.

I cut back from 40 hrs a week to 20, have just this week increased to 25hrs and hope in next couple of months to get to 30 and see how I go.

Good luck.

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