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I have lupus for more than 23 years

I've been stable just tiredness and now other new problem to add to the list of illness.

In my current job I've been working for one year and six months now, I'm working full time long hours, 4 weeks ago I went on sick note for one week due to been very ill and dr diagnosed fibromyalgia. Then when I went back to work I tried to get an agreement with my boss to work just normal full time because I was working too many hours, like some days 11 or 12 hrs and other days like 9 hrs, my job is Monday to Friday, he didn't like it and said that he could offer to me evening part time. Obviously I didn't accepted it because I don't get the money I need to live plus my contract doesn't say part time, I told him that I'm sorry that we didn't have any agreement so I will carry on as normal, now he sent me an email saying that they need to contact my GP asking if I can work full time.

What is he going to do ?

What can happens?

Can he fire me?

I'm so confuse I need my job

Thank you very much in advance for you help


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Hi Lilly, firstly have you a written contract with terms and conditions included, if so employment wise if your employer is trying to alter them without consultation then im prety sure its illegal. secondly was it a self certificate being for 1 week. thirdly your employer could ask to speak to your g.p but again im sure that they have to have your written agreement. hope this helps will do a little more research then re post. mark.


hope this helps, very usefull advice and also provides legal precedents.

dont worry basically in law in theory if they discipline you or try and sack you take them to an employment tribunal and kick but :) mark.


Hi, I only know that my company did the same and it was for insurance purposes to make sure they were not breaching Health and Safety Rules and invalidating their insurance.

I also believe there is a working time directive that you have to sign if your are working over 48 hours a week. If you have not opted out of this and doing more hours than that they are breaking the law. It also states "It gives EU workers the right to a minimum number of holidays each year, paid breaks, and rest of at least 11 hours in any 24 hours; restricts excessive night work; and provides for a right to work no more than 48 hours per week. The stated purpose of the Directive is to protect people's health and safety."-as I have no details this may or may not be relevant

There is also a Flexible Working Regulations 2002 which shows you how to request and go through a formal process of working part time - again it may or may not help depending on your circumstances. I know you do not want part time but it may help you formulate a proposal to se if you can work from home. I am not sure what job you do so again it may or may not help.

I also know of something called Access to work run by the gov't it can give grants for items to make getting to work more accessible. IE may fund buying a laptop to work at home. You have to approach them but they can come to your work to do an assessment.

Also have you thought of joining a Union - Try unite. I think you have to belong for 3 months before you can ask them to come in for you but you can plug into their legal team and ask questions straight away and if the worse was to happen they will be able to negotiate on your behalf

Hope some of this helps - but I would check your contract it should state somewhere your contracted hours so he may be in breach anyway


I am in australia so the rules are different here but i believe the above information sounds very helpful...just wanted to say that for the past 20 years I had struggle with employment issues myself...and it is really hard to find an understanding boss that actually has your best interest at heart beyond contracts...There are laws that will protect, so once you are in contact with the right people I am sure things will come good for you. Thinking of you and wishing you the best resolution. hugs



I have just joined this site, and just been diagnosed with sle in January. I live in Scotland so don't know if this will apply to you too - I work for local authority and was worried about sickness policy and working conditions for future - my manager referred me to occupational health who do an indecent assessment. Although I was worried, the doctor could not have been more helpful - he told me lupus comes under Disability Scotland Act, therefore protected, they cannot sack me and have to support me to continue in my employment , there must be a similar act for others in the uk, let them contact your GP, you have more protection than you think! Good luck, you sound like I did before my OH visit but you have to remember you have a genuine illness and are not trying to scam anyone, no matter what other people make you feel like x


You can also get advice about emplyment issues from ACAS, they helped me with a previous job where there were issues


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