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Has anyone seen Professor Cope at Guys Hospital? Is he as good as D'Cruz??

I was referred about four weeks ago and my appointment is next week. I wanted to see PRof D'Cruz but have been assigned to PRof A Cope in rheumatology. Can anyone tell me if he is any good please? Specifically with seronegative lupus?? I was told that so I wouldn't have to wait so long I was assigned to the next available rheumy who could deal with lupus patients. I haven't been diagnosed yet as my local hospital don't want to diagnose me because I am complicated and have lots of symptoms. To me it's quite clear. I have high ANA coarse speckled, butterfly rash, sun sensitivity, joint and muscle pains and a load of other symptoms. Most of my other bloods were fine except ESR which is often raised and protein in urine and renal test out of normal range. They just won't join the dots!! Is it worth seeing Professor Cope or should I wait for D'Cruz?

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