Restless leg syndrome

Hi. I'm new!! Read some posts and thought what a wonderful way to spread the love and support!

I don't know how this really works but I read a few posts regarding the irritating and dispiriting condition of Restless Legs syndrome and wanted to share.

I have suffered for many years with the problem, before anyone acknowledged that such a thing existed (benn there?). I can't remember where I read the blessed relief "cure" but the advice was simple and I found it WORKED for me.

Try walking around your room on tippy toes for a few minutes before bed. I do not have a clue why it works but it continues to work for me.

Give it a try, by leaning on a wall as you go or from furniture to furniture if your balance is as bad as mine: Give it a go, you never know.

'night God bless


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  • Thanks for your reply.As you can see I'mstill wide awake,0055,legs all over the place,so I will give it a try tomorrow this space!!

  • Dear Footy,

    These posts have kept my sanity! Most of us have Lupus and many other illnesses, and by talking to each other (by posting) and being allowed to express how we feel - and many can relate because we all feel the same things - you are most welcome! Are you talking leg cramping - or legs jumping????? Sort of like a spasm???

  • Yes tennissenior, that restless, got to move like itchy inside your legs, can't settle. Ssoooo annoying. Try tiptoeing, it has worked for many. Think of it as stretching the elastic in your leg. Love technical talk! Give it a go, you never know!xx

  • I remember being laughed at for saying my legs felt itchy when I was tired. And then they started dancing all by themselves - very odd feeling indeed.

  • Yes indeed. First supportive response , ho ho ho. Nice

    ,! Try the tip toeing around your bed before you get into bed. May take two minutes,may take lomger, but you don't care if it works!!

    Happy tiptooe x

  • This is exactly how mine reacts and I feel at night in bed. I feel like I have walked for miles and waken with sore heels and pj trousers that are at the top of my legs .Not a pretty sight


  • I believe there are meds for that....have you spoken to your doctor about it? I take Quinine for cramping - I have it really bad at times - legs, hands, fingers, etc.

  • Thanks Tennis. Yes I believe there are meds but, probably, like me, you hold the Guiness Book of Records title for most meds taken at one time and I just could not add another. !! Just saw this mentioned, somewhere and tried it. could not believe it "cured" my legs. Instant relief, into bed zzzz. Bliss.

    Nice posting you Tennis.

  • Please be careful I had bad cramp in my legs at night aswell as whilst walking and thanks to my rheumy who spotted that I had a blockage in my arteries in my pelvis So My point is if you have cramp in your legs do not ignore it .


  • Dear Jean - I see my hematologist every 2 weeks. Lupus causes leg cramps and finger cramps and hand cramps and Raynaud's. In my case- it's systemic. I've had blood clots twice so trust me - I know exactly what is dangerous. These are simply cramping.

  • mine were treated as this until I mentioned my entire body was stone cold and was immediately referred by rheumy to vascular clinic and after ultra sounds had two stents fitted in both legs which has stopped 99% of cramp. Its just a warning as i have Raynauds I just assumed it was a condition to live with as did a stroke consultant and a

    orthopaedic consultants at a local hospital in scotland. Its easy to say but always needs checked

  • FG:

    Ya think 13 or 14 is a lot? Not to mention the inhaler I use! But...I just got off the tennis court. Two sets in close to 90 degree heat. I push! Have to fight all the demons!

  • footygirl

    Thank you for this Info. For yearI will give this a good try and if it works for me will be eternally grateful,


  • Obviously one has to be careful in all matters medical, but for restless legs, not cramping, can be a great help and great relief. I do think that Lupus sufferers know their bodies well with all the conditions that assault us, and would hopefully use informal tips accordingly, but I take the point to be careful. I hope it works for you Jean.

    Best wishes


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