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Hydroxychloroquine and Covid

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I don't message on here much but I do read all your posts.

I was diagnosed with Discoid lupus years ago. I had two hip replacements before I was 50 and have all the pains and aches everyone has. I also have a terrible time in the sun, it completely wipes me out.

My question to you all is,

How many people on here have caught Covid whilst taking Hydroxychloroquine. I ask this as I have now been in a few situations where family and work colleagues have caught Covid but somehow I have managed to escape catching it. I know during the pandemic there were people who thought it might help.I would be grateful for any feedback.

Thank you


20 Replies
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Hi Caroline , so glad you have managed to evade it, long may it last. I've taken hydroxychloroquine for about 5 years now and I caught it the day I went for my 5th vaccine

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carrie67 in reply to CarolMcl

Oh no, that puts my idea out the window. I forgot to say, my daughter who lives at home is currently positive and still I haven't caught it. It's so strange lol. I hope you are OK x

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CarolMcl in reply to carrie67

I'm fine thanks, was in hospital for 2 days then I had the antivirals. All my family have had it too, my daughter in law has had it twice and thankfully my husband still hasn't had it and he has been working throughout the pandemic x

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MorIlse in reply to carrie67

Me too! Im taking the same drug, my 30 yr old daughter caught 2 weeks ago, i managed to not get it, she was in her room all the time though, so I don't know if that made a difference. Also, I have only had 3 vaccines and my doctor told me that there is an option if I don't want to covid 19 vaccines, something named Evusheld, which is used an option for people with compromised ammine system or didn't do well with previous covid vaccines.

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Yeah I have caught it twice in the last six months, one whilst on hcq, one whilst not. Similar in both cases symptom wise. I worked on the covid wards and never got it. But on the two occasions someone coughed in my face with covid I got it. Others are asymptomatic, only positive on PCR, or seem to not get it somehow. Seems like potluck when some couples seem to get infected when the other doesnt 😂

Interesting question though, bc you're right they were in the early days thinking about hcq as a treatment option. Hmm. Will have to look at the research x


(P.s. long may your lack of covid continue)

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Yes, I caught it just after my second vaccination. It was a mild case fortunately. I remember the early days of the pandemic when it was suggested hydroxy either prevented or cured Covid. Not a good time for those of us relying on it already and fearful for supplies.

I do hope you continue to avoid it.

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Hi CarolineI have SLE & take hydroxychloroquine, my daughter lives with me, she had covid a couple of weeks ago, we had also been in the same car on 2 occasions just before she tested positive. I didn't catch it either!! Xx

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Only just caught it now. Have been on plaquinel whole time. I was wondering the same thing. A lot stronger strains coming through now and a lot of people nor wearing masks. I've had Pfizer 2 full doses and 2 booster shots.

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Yes had it on HCQ,

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I think it gives you some protection, but I got covid while on a cruise, my husband got it first and after sharing the same cabin as him I caught it, they were supposed to of moved him to an isolation cabin but it never happened.Unfortunately I too became very poorly. I think there is a certain amount of benefit from hydroxychloroquine but not enough to stop this horrid virus. I’ve also had 5 vaccines now.

Just try to keep away from anyone coughing, wear your mask when out and about.

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I’m on hydroxy and also have had 5 vaccines. I didn’t take it when my hubby had it and I’ve been in company where people caught it. I had a text saying someone on the plane I was on had it and to take a test. Again I didn’t take it (Touch wood) am I just lucky or is it the vaccines and hydroxy?

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Hi, I caught it at the beginning of this month for the first time. I had no symptoms whatsoever, only knew I had it because I have doorstep testing and I got an email a week later to say I’d tested positive, which is typical as I’m having an operation, I’ve had 2 vaccines and one booster.I take hydroxychloroquine too.

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My youngest got it for the 3rd time. 1 week later wife got it. 2 days later I got it. 2 days later my mum got it. My eldest has not had it once. She truly is a freak of nature on every level.

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Hi I’ve been on HCQ for some years now and was wondering the same, as I have avoided covid (although to be fair not knowingly been in close contact with anyone who has). The other replies seem to suggest not, but perhaps dosage levels, other tablet combinations etc may have some additional effect. Or perhaps just some people are more prone than others.

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Interesting question. I thought hydroxy would possibly protect me. I take 400mg daily. Now I’m on week 3 of Covid positive. Antivirals helped but did not rid my system of it. I’m sure from my symptoms, friends who have it now etc. it is the new variant that is truly recalcitrant. I do think hydroxy helped before but now not with the new bug.

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There was a lot of talk when Donald Trump was in power that Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine protected people from covid.

This was proven by scientists and doctors not to be true.

The research papers are all available online!

So why are people talking about HCQ and covid again?🤔🧐

I have never caught covid, tested negative for the 15th time 4 days ago, strictly shield, mask up whenever in shops and always socially distance.

Stopped taking HCQ 3 months ago because of retinopathy concerns with HCQ but am still awaiting for “formal” advice from dermatology, ophthalmology and rheumatology as they also seem to be passing the buck.

My SLE and lupus nephritis seem well managed without HCQ. SO I’m thinking why continue with it???

“No clinical benefit from HCQ in prevention/treatment of covid 19” ref.:


People on here despite being on HCQ are still catching covid! Further proof.

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Hi Caroline l have taken hydroxychloroquine for over 10 years and still managed to catch covid l was very annoyed as l have avoided people l know who refuse to be vaccinated. It really knocked me off my feet for 4 days and took a while after to feel like me again.

I was also very interested to read from your other replies that some of you have had a 5th vaccination was this 6 months after your 4th. l only ask because l am getting emails weekly telling me to make an appointment and my last was in May.

Thank you all for the useful information you post & stay safe.

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I agree that we need to focus not on our experiences of what a drug has appeared to do but on what it has been shown to do in clinical trials. They tested and re-tested Hydroxychloroquine. It simple was not on effective.

There are good drugs out now. People need to know about those, not those that don’t work.

Xx K

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Betty909090 in reply to KayHimm

Yes. I was trying to answer the question about HCQ and covid.

Many did fall for that fake, false info that Trump gave.

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In my experience, opinion and from what I have read there is no evidence that HCQ "protects" against catching covid. It does act as an immune modulator, helping symptoms of SLE.

Perhaps if patient A got covid and was taking HCQ as part of their SLE treatment their lupus and immune system might not go as haywire from the virus as say patient B who has SLE but is not taking HCQ and got covid? I don't know. All I know is that I wasn't going to stop HCQ simply because it helps my SLE. I didn't give it any consideration towards covid once the research established that it didn't give protection.

I would not consider that HCQ gives any protection against covid. But it helps my SLE symptoms as an immune modulator.

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