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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Just back from the doctors and looks like i have cts in my left hand. Have been in so much pain with it the last 6 weeks, feels like someone elses hand, and im left handed so having real problems doing anything with it. Been off work on hol for a few days so dont know how it will be when i get back. Painkillers and splint should hopefully help. Just falling apart lol

Anyone else suffer with this? Have you found symptoms improving?

At the doc's i had to fill in the the easiest form, had to read it about 4 times before questions sunk in. Started laughing to myself because it was so easy and i just couldnt complete it lol. Lupus is a weird disease.

Take care folks x

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Hi, I had cts symptoms earlier this year, awful pain and very debilitating! Splints and OT sessions helped, but nerve conduction studies failed to identify cts! Rheumy says "oh, it must be

the lupus causing it". On the positive - it did improve with treatment and hasn't returned. All the best, hope it is soon sorted.


Hi i have been having problems with my hands for over a year now which everyone put down to sle lupus, as the steroids helped. However it now shows ct after nerve con test and i have just had it operated on, so fingers crossed it sorts it. You are so right this illness is odd.


I had cts in both hands found it hard to do anything because of te pain but had operation on both hands I still get some pain but I found it much much better since the ops


I had cts in both hands, I was in a lot of pain for years and i was always told it was Lupus causing this but in the end i had operations on both hands and its seems to have eased up although i do still get the odd pain now and again but its no where near as bad as it used to be.


Thanks everyone. Strange because hand seems ok today could just be painkillers working I suppose, but I start back work tomorrow, will c what happens.

Take care everyone x


I had cts in my left wrist in August 2010 and was operated on,but before the op my consultant said there was something else wrong as my hands become swollen and told me I had to see a rhem. He said he thought I had lupus because of my many syptoms. swelling, pain,numbness,etc. During the op a slice of tissues was taken blood taken and then it was comfirmed I had lupus. No more major problems with my wrist apart from pain. They said I had cts brought on my lupus


I have had the full house of stupid hand problems, De Quervains, Carpel, Ganglions, DuPuytrins, add to this tennis and golfer on both elbows, and trapped nerves in shouldersand neck which caused a total loss of feeling in the right hand - (didnt notice until I saw the blood dripping off the hand)

You only realise just how usefull your hands are when you dont have the use of them.

Good luck. Martin


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