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Could it be Lupus?

Hi everyone - I'm probably putting the cart before the horse, however the possibility of a Lupus diagnosis is preoccupying me :(

I finally went to the doc last week after developing a dry, red blotchy rash across my cheeks and up the sides of my nose. Like small red spots, but not puss filled. It had flared up 10 days or so before and was showing no signs of fading. In addition I was feeling pretty lousy. I can describe my fatigue as the type that makes me feel nauseous, even when I'm lying down resting, I've had persistent back and neck ache too. This is now week 3.

The doc put it down to dermatitis - an allergy to something or other and suggested she ordered a set of blood tests and perhaps refer me to the allergy service (I have developed a few over the last 5 or 6 years one of which is anaphylaxis). I thought nothing of it till I found out that she is testing for Lupus. Do any of you good people think this sounds like Lupus - my rash is still there but has faded a bit and I'm not feeling as ghastly as I have done. Could this be a Lupus flare?

I'm also Hypothyroid but don't have any problems with it, responding well to meds.

Thanks in advance


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Do you find that the rash worsens on exposure to sunlight? Do you experience any other symptoms of lupus such as mouth or nasal ulcers, joint pains, muscle pains and weakness, hair loss etc?

It is possible your symptoms could be caused by a range of things as those that you have listed are not exclusive to lupus. It is likely that they are testing for lupus to cover a wide range of these possibilities.

Would you like more information about lupus? If you would like one of our free packs I would be happy to send you one. Just send me a private message or email with your name and address.


Hi Paul

Muscle weakness, Yes. Hair loss, Yes - hair thinning. Sun, I don't know - we've not seen much sun lately. Mouth ulcers, well Yes actually - now you mention it I have had some lately, mostly on the inside of my cheeks rather than my tongue. I don't have any joint pain to speak of no.

I'll pm you for a pack.



Hi MissB

Take photos of your rash if you can as these will be helpful if you are referred to a Consultant. Good luck with your bloods, your symptoms could well be suggestive of an immune illness. X


Lupus takes a while to diagnose - but normally, the ANA is positive most of the time. At least it ws for me. When it first started, 4 years ago, I didn't have all the symptoms. I did not have a rash, I didn't have bone or muscle pain, and the fatigue was not as it is now. It took a year and a half to make a definite diagnosis. My abnormal labs were the clue. I have been hypothryroid since 2007. The Lupus started in 2011. Have patience...and try and enjoy life. Just keep posting and we have your back!


Thank you tennis, very much. It might not be, but everything I've read points toward lupus. Bloods tomorrow, I will post the results


Dear MissBFBB:

For your sake, and the future, I truly hope it's not Lupus. When I was first diagnosed, I was in total denial, as most of what I am experiencing now was just not there. Lupus doesn't come alone - it brings many "friends" along, none of which you want to deal with. I hope what you are experiencing is not Lupus and more so, something that IS treatable and not progressive. Please let us know about your labs - and keep on kicking with that black belt!


Lupus can mimic almost anything. For me the question would be is there a sort of butterfly pattern on the face? The other question are the red spots sort of circular and more red in the middle? I don't know if this helps. Good luck, MissB.


Hi fighting

Yes to the first question. The rash is made up of lots of little flat/slightly raised Pink pin prick dots. 😕


Hello everyone who has replied - my ANA results are back at ANA titre 1:180. Can anyone interpret this for me?



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