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Pip Assessment

Had my PIP Assessment of 4th February. Did not go how i thought it would. Thought the lady from ATOS would ask me different questions than what she did.

She wanted a list of my medication.

She ask me some questions about how far i could walk.

She asked me about washing and dressing.

She confused when she asked me if i could make a deal. I know how to make a dinner but i can not make one.

She asked me to remember three things then asked later on what they were.

She asked to touch my back which i could not do properly, she asked me to straighten my legs and bend my knee and circle my ankles. I could straighten my leg it did not hurt to bend it a lot but could not circle my ankles with out it hurting which i stated.

I did not feel as if the lady was understanding what i was telling her. I also did not know where or when during the assessment i should have told her things.

She told me that it will take 4-8 weeks now. If i do not receive it i am going to appeal.

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Hi, my Husband had his assessment on 19th Jan , by 28th we had the decision.

He was refused pip, I really don't think the lady examiner had a clue about lupus, my husband also has Copd, so we are really dissapointed.

Good luck with your claim 😏


Thanks! I really didn't think the lady knew what she talking about . I told her I was fatigued because of the lupus and she tried to say it was because of vitamin d !

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Hi sorry to hear you have been refused , i hope you are going to appeal, i have Lupus and copd, and i was awadered it i was all ready on DLA for life but as that is no longer called that and its know PIP i had to go through it all again. I was very stresssed at the time and was very ill .

It really is worth appealing i had to do this 24 years ago on DLA and won my case.

Good Luck

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Thanks, wasn't going to appeal because of the stress, but maybe we should !


Its really worth trying to just make sure you have all the eveidence and paper work , its defiently worth it.

Good luck


Thank you 😊


I had my esa assessment on the 8th Feb and he was quite nice but I feel like I didn't explain myself properly either. The good thing was though that I dropped my glasses and he straight away bent down to pick them up for me, which I was very surprised, as I thought oh god how am I supposed to pick these up.

Like you he asked me different questions that I wasn't expecting and therefore I don't think I answered in full detail regarding how it affects me.

It's now out of our hands and I'm praying every day that I get to the Support Group again, if not then we just appeal and we will be able to hopefully explain ourselves.

Good luck !!


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