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Pain, pain and more pain

Hi all, I have not posted in a while but have logged on most days via my ipad to keep up to date with you all.

I had my second sub acromial decompression with removal of bone spur and a bursectomy nearly 4 weeks ago and the pain is really limiting my progress and getting me down as I am unable to sleep.

I started physio at the hospital last week and the pain is now much worse. I have struggled since last week and I can't even do basic things without suffering. I was in horrendous pain all over my chest and back... Like my lungs were affected and couldn't breathe... I am hoping it is muscular as some of the exercises have involved expanding my lung in order to activate and stretch the muscle supporting my right shoulder.

They did not repair the partial thickness tear in the rotator cuff so I just hope this has not been made worse.

Also my right knee is swollen and extremely painful (UCTD) and my fingers and wrists have made me miserable's not just like I am recovering from surgery but have all this other stuff too (thyroid / eyes/ coeliac).

Do any other lupus sufferers have calcific tendonitis/ bone spurs/ bursitis problems as part of their illness? My rheumatologist just keeps fobbing me off and I am in so much pain.

Sorry for the moan...


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I find this very interesting as I had never thought of bone spurs as a symptom of Lupus. I have had decompressions of both my shoulders. On a facebook page about Lupus someone else was having the same problem. I remember the pain of physio and don't envy the haul back to full movement. Hope you feel stronger soon x



I have antiphospholipid syndrome and mild lupus. I had two latge bone spurs removed (2 years apart) from each shoulder in turn. I also get high amounts of plaque on my teeth and feel somehow it is related. My shoulders were som @ 10 years ago and now I have pain near the shoulders up by my collarbone and god knows whats happening.

I do believe there must be some sort of sedementation thing going on as i know my body also deposits sedement by my kidney. Thats all i know, but you are not alone.




Can you ask to be referred to the pain clinic? you certainly need it, I feel very sorry for you in all that pain, but as ever, we all have to fight constantly to get the care we need. I hope you get some relief soon.


Just seen this post I had a SAD op 3 years ago now not diagnosed with Lupus but having lots of symptoms awaiting rheumatology appointment...I can feel what is possibly a bone spur growing and am having lots of discomfort struggling to settle at night due to this also had a tear that they couldnt repair ....interesting to read that others are having similar stuff going on.....not been back to gp about this yet as I am wary of being labelled a hypochondriac as I feel like I am going to gp so often lately


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