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Pain in tailbone

This is a first, pain in my tail bone can hardly sit down. Started last night and I haven't fallen or banged it just started from nowhere. Have pain in every other area of my body, hands,hips,feet,head,ribs etc most of the time but this is excruciating. Have any other lupies experienced this please let me know.

Hope you all have a restful and relatively pain free day. Love and hugs to all

Karen xxxx😟😩😳

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Hi there.. iam the same wake up ever morning with it some days it excruciating. Other days it jst there but not as debilitating... my consultant originally said it was wear n tear... but am gonna ask about it again as it's getting worse.. can't stand for longer than 3-4 mins...

Wish u well...


Than you for the reply, taking usual concoction of pain meds just not touching it at the moment. So sorry to here you struggling to, take care. If it's no better by Mon I will go see gp xxx


I have had this for around 10 months now. My GP doesn't know if it is Lupus or Fibromyalgia related but says it will probably go away on it's own.

Wish it would hurry up! Due to see Rheumy soon so intend to discuss it with him.

I bought a special cushion from Amazon for about £6, it has a cut out bit so that your coccyx is not under pressure. Well worth it if it goes on for too long.

Hope yours goes away quickly.



Thank you, I will look for the cushion, just had hip injections to so think lying on my stomach the only way to go at the moment lol. Take care 😕


Hi Karen

I get this all the time, but mine was result of injury i chipped my tailbone as a teenager (fell down an esculator) apart from alot of bruises it was my only other injury. You can tell by that what i fell on lol 😉. I find that i get alot of pain especially during a flare of the lupus 😡 and fibro the best thing i can suggest is a rubber ring or donut to sit on. It may sound daft but it does relieve pressure on the area. Pregnant women use them for the same reason and excuse this but if you get haemorrhoids it is a godsend 😉. I have been using one for years and it helps

Hope this helps

Lupie hugs

Esky xx


Hi Esky, doesn't sound daft at all, that's what my sister recommended because she damaged her coccyx years ago when she had a fall. I have ordered a cushion but my husband is going to sort a rubber ring out for me in the mean time. Hope you are ok love and gentle hugs.

Karen x


I had severe coccyx pain start out of the blue about 14 years ago now - it was excruciating especially moving from sitting to standing - as it someone had shoved a red hot poker 'up there'! Sitting was very painful so I found that I used to stand around all the time. When the doctors eventually took me seriously - I was told that it would 'wear off' as well! - I was referred for acupuncture (yes really - on the NHS!) and infrared treatment at the local physio department but nothing worked. After about 6 years after the onset, I was referred to a surgeon who I describe as my lifesaver - I had a small op under a general anaesthetic where he manipulated my coccyx back where it should be and injected steroids into the area. SInce then, I have not had the same problem recur (touch wood!) although the area gets sore if I sit for too long.

One comment the surgeon did make which makes more sense to me now is that I have a highly mobile coccyx - I now suspect strongly that I have issues with hypermobility. There is a very useful UK website all about this specific pain: I would keep pestering your doctor if the pain doesn't subside as there ARE ways to deal with it.


Thank you Sjogibear, it seams to have eased of a lot now so hopefully it was just a one off. If it returns again I will tell my rhymy Dr Sam.

Take care xxx


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