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Foot twisted, tightness in shoulders and clavical foot twisted bad yesterday evening...walking on did not help, grabbed water. Thought it was dehydration. Ate my bok choy salad, and it went away. Thank God. Hurt. Woke up today with shoulders and neck tight, running tightness to the front clavicle. Real tight. Just took multi vitamin, vit d 5000 iu and it loosened up. Discomfort bearable. Has anyone else noticed that vitamin deficiency could be cause of these tight pains in the body and head. I still get those tightness headaches and have been trying to figure out if it's mineral deficiency (potassium or magnesium) or vitamin deficiency? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

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unless there is an obvious reason for the headache (e.g. High blood pressure, low blood pressure, aneurism, etc - things that are measurable and able to be seen through imaging), there is no consensus about what causes headaches. With that in mind, then I wouldn't be surprised if a lack in vitamins, or dehydration, etc could trigger headaches.

However - if the body lacks these minerals/vitamins etc, that would become apparent in more ways than a headache that occurs every so often. You mentioned neck and shoulder pain too. That sounds more like tension in your neck muscles rather than vitamin deficiency.

The other thing I'd say is that when one takes a vitamin pill, it's effect is not that immediate that the pain goes away straight after. That is because the concentration of the active compound in those capsules/tablets isn't likely to be sufficiently high but also because a significant deficiency would need a longer term supplementation to recover. Add to that the fact that our stomach takes a while to digest whatever we put inside through our mouths and the fact that its acid destroys the potency of whatever pill we take and you could see why taking one vitamin pill now for a current headache or neck ache, won't resolve it in half hour.

What I'm trying to say is this - yes, it could be a deficiency but first I'd check that there isn't anything else causing it, then look into how severe that deficiency is and only then decide the most appropriate treatment and its length.

After all this long-winded response for which I apologise, I do hope you get it resolved soon!


Problem purpletop is finding a dr that will test whether I am b or d deficient. No dr has ever tested or wanted to test for this. And in light of the $500 we owe a lab for testing my blood for lupus and hypothyroid, I don't think I will be going back to the doctor again. I understand how taking a supplement takes time to get through the body, but how come my neck tightness is gone? And what does cause this neck tightness anyway? I know my neck cracks when I move my head sideways. I do have arthritis in neck and spine. It's just very strange. Can't figure out. Thanks for the advice...

What causes the tension in the neck If I wake up with it? Got a great new, firm mattress. Soft mattress before was bad for my back and neck.


My blood pressure is good


You might have a sensibility around your neck that is aggravated when sleeping or twisting your neck in a particular way. Who knows, it could be a number of things. As for how come the pain went away so quickly - im a great believer in placebo effect, I.e. if we believe that what we take will help, then it will. Which is why all the clinical trials for drugs are made against placebo, not another drug. how amazing is our mind??

But going back to your pain - it may have gone away this time for whatever reason but if it comes back, could you not try an osteopath/physiotherapist instead of a doctor? They can diagnose misalignment in your vertebrae and correct it. I speak from experience and many on this forum have had similar experiences. In the UK it is a cheaper alternative - instead of paying a consultant £150-£250 per consultation, you could pay between £35-£45 for an osteo or physio.


Will look into purpletop...good many drs, I don't know who to see anymore. Thanks


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