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Help needed please....swollen foot and leg

Hi Everyone.....I so hope someone can help me. 4 weeks ago my left ankle swelled up and looked inflammed,this has gradually spread to all my foot (not my toes) and is now swelling up my leg.This makes my foot and leg so tight and if I have socks on(which I need badly) not matter how loose the elastic it still makes a big dent, I saw a nurse 2 weeks ago who said I can't help you ,you need to see the doc,The only doc to see was that afternoon,he said I dont know what that is gave me Naproxen and some cream for dry skin.It has now come to a pont where I cannot bear the constant pain any longer and the tightness stops me from bending my ankle. The swelling tends to go down some when I got to bed at night. I have Lupus,Rheumatoid,Sjorens,Vasculitis plus lots of other things.My mum is so worried she keeps telling me to call the Paramedics out. My doctors do not have appointments till the 30th(theres 10 doctors there).Please can anyone help me. Anyways Please all Have a lovely xmas.Love and light

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Hi snowdragon,

This happened to me when I had a DVT at the back of my knee. My left leg and foot swelled up so much that I had to go and get a pair of walking sandals as I could not get any shoes on. I could barely walk and the pain bought tears to my eyes. I have a very narrow foot and my left foot spread to 11". My skinny legs were no longer skinny. A couple of weeks later my right leg and foot came out in support.

Is there a keydoc near you. I would try and get someone to come and look at your or go to A&E as a last resort. Nothing worse being in pain and miserable especially at this time of year.

Best wishes Liz


Oh Snowdragon, poor you. It could be a number of things and you really do need to be seen

today by a doctor. If your practice says it does not have any appointments free, please insist that it is urgent that you be seen today, as you should not go on in pain for so long with such a swollen leg. (Some practices but not all, have no "routine appointments" on Christmas eve afternoon just places for those who "need to be seen today")

If it is red and hot, painful, swollen and spreading ??? it may possibly be something like cellulitis, which is something I have had, and know how very painful it is! There are numerous other things it might be, and it may be nothing to do with your other problems, but whatever it is, it will need treating before it starts spreading further. Ringing NHS Direct for advice on your symptoms and what to do is another option, or you could ring the A&E department directly, who will advise you over the telephone and suggest what to do about it, and whether to go and see them or call out the paramedics.

You can also ring the surgery out of hours service when they have closed and ask to be seen by the on-call doctor. You may well have to wait a little while and be phoned back to speak to him/her. Mum's are often good judges and whatever you decide to do, really persist in being seen today. I do so hope you get treatment for it quickly whatever it is, and hope you get some improvement and decent pain relief before Christmas starts properly! Lots of Love and light to you to and please let us know how you get on.


Go to A&E, no question, they'll check your vasculitis and for blood clots/DVT. Go as early as possible, to avoid long queues.


Hi Snowdragon

I am not going to say anything new, I just want to stress out the need for you to see a doctor ASAP. Go to the A&E. You deserve to have a Merry Christmas, with socks on and pain free! Get your Mum and go. Let us know what happened.

Lots of love!


Can I just echo all the comments above. Like Riverbird I too have had cellulitis and it sounds very like that - but you really need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis and, more importantly, treatment. Can you not request a home visit? If you can't get that I really think you should go to A & E. Hope you get it all sorted out very soon!


Defiantly get to a doctors. I had the same and as a Lupus patient you must act quickly. I had septicemia / cellulitus infection which was travelling up my leg, it was red,hot , swollen and stiff. Also check if you have STICKY blood as I have. If you have a blood test and get your INR you may have to go on warfarin tablets to thin your blood to prevent DVT.


Hi Everyone...managed to get a doc appointment this morning,waited 2 hrs then he saw me,took a blood test and then had to wait 10 mins.Typical this morning the foot,ankle and leg were only half the size they are in the afternoon,but he thinks it might be Gout(but not sure)so had given me colchcine tablest(which he told me might give me the runs arghhh).Then told me to make an appointment for 2 weeks to see my normal doc.he said if it was Gout it should start working today (I dont think it is) but will try the tablets.I really forgot to tell him about the Vasculitis,but when I told him about could the Lupus be making it worse he didnt say anything . Anyways thank you all so much for your help and will let you know what happens..Love and Light xxx


I have many clots , don't mess with it get an ultra sound. Hot packs will help ease the pain but the last thing you need is that to break !

Get it check out immed!

You need blood thinner, that or platelet meds

Just my opinion

Good luck let us know



This happend to me, however i had swelling in both legs. When you push into your leg does it leave a an inprint of your finger? Is the small of you back also swollen? Are you vomiting? if so it may be a renal problem. its sounds like odema (especially if you are vomiting, it doesn't have to be all the time, even once a week), however it could also be what other people are suggesting. A urine test would determine whether it is or isn't. Read a Lupus book on renal failure, it will have all the symptoms listed, it may make it easiier to rule out.

Either way hope you feel better.

Lloyd E


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