Sharp pain up left front of neck to head

Anyone get pain running up front left side of neck up to top of head, back of head. Don't remember if it went to top of head first or lower back of head. Felt like tightness, cramping pain. Thought I was having a stroke. Took my natto k (sticky blood deterrent ) enzyme immediately as I was late on taking it. Pain went away. Later that night, I got a terrible cramp in my hamstring. Husband says not related probably. Wonder if it is some sort of mineral problem. Took magnesium, potassium. Next day hamstring a little tight still. I did notice I was getting sleepy leg problems before I got tightness in my hamstring.

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  • Sounds a bit like an ice pick headache. Quick and extremely sharp and piercing.

    I have found since i have started taking k2 mk7 (natto) i am not experiencing cramp as i used to. I didnt take it for a couple of days and woke up screaming like a banshee as cramp locked my calf muscle as i stretched on waking.

    I havent in all the time i have had ice pick headaches managed to work out a causal link

  • ^^^^^

    But many with hughes/aps and/or lupus do seem to suffer these symptoms.

    Are your doctors from a completely different planet?

  • Have you thought about eating nattoo instead? :)

  • Omega...isn't that fermented soybeans? I don't know where I could find. Interesting idea. I always thought there was a connection to estrogen/menopause bringing all these problems on. I think estrogen protects our bodies in the right quantity. Soybeans are suppose to mimic estrogen. Wish drs would do their jobs.

  • Hi,

    When my inr's are too low I get terrible pain in neck and head very similar to what you are describing. i also get lumps in my neck from the clotting.

  • Thank u overnight and diane....that is a good pick headache....I have had slight problems for a couple of days. The natto seems to keep it from going through the roof. The Drs here are useless. I won't go back. Problem is getting that bloodwork done at the exact time things are going wrong. Last blood work is still being paid for. Don't have the $...and my inlaws (who ironically have a lot of money) ask what the bill was for because sometimes they help us pay for medical work. Usually just for the kids. My husband and I are on our own. And my sister has told me more than once that we have to deal best with the cards that are dealt to tough luck kid...lot of people with medical problems go bankrupt. I am in such a loving place. Thank God my husband and children care. and my other sister, friends and cousins. Thanks for responding.

  • Yes, it is, Natura. I have seen the Japanese "fermented" natto served on freshly cooked rice mixed with chopped spring onions and tamari sauce. It's easy to find natto here in the UK..most "Asian" or Chinese/Japanese grocery stores would carry them :)

  • Pretty cool omega. Chinese store a bit of a distance from here, but I could look into. Thanks.

  • Been reading about high dose vit c as well

    Seems that it may act in an anti inflammatory manner. But you will need to educate yourself in this regard cos ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE JUST SAYS NO!!!!!

    Linus Pauling - Biochemist and Double Nobel Prize Winner reported on this in the 70s.

  • I had a pain going through the back of my head , from right to left. Was quite a slow pain, like a train passing through. Was quite scarey. I thought something awful was about to happen to me.

  • Strawberry...I know what u mean. It traveled for sure. Started in the front of my neck, up into the head back and top. It was scary. Pain is not really a good thing. Somethings not right. I remember my dad telling me when I was younger that he had a lot of pain in his body. He never went to the doctor.

  • I have the bad headache at the back of my head ans whenever it starts i worry i might get a seizure. I have had a mri in my head but i guess nothing was found. Atimes i have somuch pain here and there that i loose track of wat to complain about. But i hope u get better soon

    hugs and xx

  • Ijeas.... I don't think an MRI can show what causes this. I am trying to pinpoint it to something. I have never had this before . This is a new symptom. Annoying. I hope you can find some answers. Feel better...maybe it is a mineral deficiency. I take potassium for cramps in my legs. Maybe it's like a cramp in the head. That is one of my theories. Take care

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