Should i get a tattoo??

Has anyone had a tattoo whilst having lupus sle and hughes syndrome (blood clotting disorder)??

I was thinking about getting one for a while now, but not sure how quickly it will heal up or if it will get infected easily. I have to stop my aspirin for a few days before i get it also - has anybody got a tattoo with similar conditions and was it ok??


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  • I spoke to a friends tattoo artist about this. She basically said she wouldn't touch anyone on blood thinners. Also she was pretty amazed that anyone with immune system issues would consider putting their body through the process as even though they are extremely careful and professional, once you leave the salon its all about how you look after it until it heals.

    That said, if you decide to go for it I would just do your research, find a couple of reputable salons and speak to the artists as well as running it by your Dr's. I wouldn't recommend coming off your meds without discussing it first.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!

  • I have Lupus and Fibro and have 3 tattoos, granted all before official diagnosis, the last one was a month before being diagnosed and i must be honest it was extremely painful and hurt a bit after, didn't get infections or anything but did keep it clean and covered for longer than needed. I would talk it through with your dr before hand. Meds and side affects could be a factor...

  • I've had one, although that was before I was diagnosed so not on any meds and it healed fine. My husband is also on warfarin for a different condition and had had one - the tattooist was aware of the situation and fine with it as long as hubby understood he'd have to stop half way if the guy didn't like the way things we going. Turned out fine though and healed ok. That said, everyone is obviously different and it's up to you whether you take the risk or not. Find a good reputable tattoo artist and have a discussion with them. Good luck!

  • Hi. I have 6 tattoo's and have Hughes Syndrome. I agree with what jojo-lianne has said.

    It is a personal decision to make, and having said that, I know how my body works and I look after them extremely well after they're done, keep it clean by washing with water only, pat it dry (Do Not Rub It) and use Savalon Cream until it's healed and then a moisturising cream to stop it drying out.

    Do your research on tattoo salons and speak to them. My tattoo salon insists on having a consent form being filled in and I have to list my condition and meds.

    I wouldn't like to say 'go for it' and something goes wrong, so all I'm going to say is, think hard, talk to your Dr and tattooist.

    Good luck.

  • I have two and second one was after diagnosis and I think it actually healed quicker. Mind u i am only on plaquenil.. Same as body piercing. They healed really quick! You know what I think, our body is already poisoned with lupus and all the meds so if you want to decorate go ahead but first, check with doctor and get the ok, definately dont do it in a flare up. Or maybe start small and see how you react.

  • I've got six and my last one was when I was in a flare up but didn't know and I was fine. Just got to look after it clean it every day and don't pick the scabbing. I've got sle Raynuads and blood defects. Am planning to have more once I come off the steriods coz I'm a bleeder anyway. Spoke to my tattooist and he said I'll be fine just have to wait. And they have both looked up the illness. They know I look after my tattoos after I leave and always go back each week or every other week to let them see how I'm doing and like to bug them as there friends

  • I have lupus and iv got loads of small tattoos, some of them didn't stay in my skin very well so i would recommend having something small and simple just in case :) like others have said check with your medical professionals and make damn sure the tattooist you pick is more than hygienic! I check the bogs when i go in before deciding to get one dome there, after all if they cant keep a toilet clean what else do they not care about. Parlours should be absolutely sparkling so if you don't feel its up to spec walk away. Check the rep of the place too. I pay a fortune for mine but they are award winning artists and one of the best in England :) good luck xxx

  • I had 7 before any diagnosis and got one after diagnosis and being on blood thinners I bled more than usual used bepanthen as a skin healer and healed pretty quickly, the only problem is cos of the bleeding the ink doesnt take too well the tattoo has taken but looks like ive had it a few years not a few month so I won't be getting anymore tattoos now which I'm not happy x

  • Of course it is your choice, but from my experience of Lupus symptoms the least invasive and traumatic treatments to the body, the better! I do everything possible to keep flares to a minimum, but I notice even minor traumas/physical stresses can trigger flares.

  • I have lots of tattoos. Although I did bleed quite a lot. I spoke to the artist first told him what I had wrong and what meds I was taking and let him make the decision whether he was gonna do tattoo. But all mine turned out fine and no infection. Good luck

  • I have SLE and I got my first tattoo 4 months ago. It's a large one taking up the ribs on my left side but it's all line work so despite its size the surface area of the skin that had to be broken is quite small. I explained everything to my amazing artist and despite having a white count of 2 I still went for it. I had to be meticulous in the after care but he was on hand in case anything went wrong. Nothing did in my case and I have heard numerous stories from other Lupies who have tattoos without issues. I also spoke to my rheumy before going ahead and she was ok with it, she just cauitoned me to be careful. I don't have any sort of blood disorder so I can't speak on that part of our question but as long as you talk to your doc and the artist and they are ok with it there should be no issue from the SLE standpoint.

  • Hi Dandy. I can't comment on the likelihood of infection in respect of you having autoimmune conditions and others have pointed out the need to talk first to your GP. However I can say two things which may be of use in your considerations: First, I had a tattoo done 15 years ago (before I was diagnosed with Lupus but whilst 'not normal' things were happening to my body). I used a very reputable parlour, and had no problems with infection - although the pain was extraordinary! However, now, if I have overdone it, I'm run down, unwell, etc, the whole area of the tattoo becomes sensitive to very sore and raised, sometimes a little red. I've yet to mention this to the rheumy so can't say whether this is of real concern. Second, I had a tattoo done 15 years ago and I now wish I hadn't. It looked amazing for 2 years, then good for another 2-3. Now it's a bluey-black mess on my shoulder. I don't have the money to try to sort it out. Plus, any course of laser would require me to stop warfarin - and I don't wish to risk another set of pulmonary emboli.

  • Hey there I have lupus (sle) and all 3 of my tattoos I got after my diagnosis and plan to get more never had any issues at must come of the asprin tho thats a must.

  • Thanks everyone for the great replies. I have duscussed it with both gp and rhemy, they have said its at my own risk but ok to stop aspirin 3 days beforehand. Im booked in for wed to get the tattoo, its going ti be on my foot. Ive explained situation with the tattooist and they have came highly recommended aswell as the salon. They said they will do a wee bit of the tattoo first and bring me back in a few weeks to say how it has healed and to finnish the tattoo. They said best not to have any colour, so its going to be black and grey which im happy about. I have a tattoo already, but got this before i was diagnosed with lupus. Im on rhutuximab infusions but that was over 6 months ago so starting to wear off and i have no flare atm and feel fine so hopefully be ok.

    I shall keep yous updated on the progress of it lol

  • Hi I wouldnt advise a tattoo I have them and they get bad with my lupus flareups are starting to flake away doc says not to get anymore .

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