Tattoo? should i or shouldnt i?

hi, i am new to this site, joined it thro facebook, my question is- i hv many tattoos, quite a lot since being diagnosed in april 2010(altho had positive bloods in march 2006)!!! i was put on steroids and azathioprine in july of last yr, but!! i really need and want my last bit of tattoo finished, it is a small bit to fininsh it all off for good!! but am worried about the drugs and not healling, i hv had tattoo since 1995 and never had a problem with them healing, but am worried no, a gp(not mine) said as long as my bloods are ok, he couldnt see a problem, i hv had them done recently and am seeing my rheumy nurse 3 days b4 i am booked in, has any1 else had experience of tattoos on those drugs, any advice is gratefully recieved, thanks loads


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  • I've had several tattoos done while on hydroxychloriquin, prednisolone, mychophenolate and wafarin. I made sure that i spoke in length to the tattooist and explained that i would bleed a little bit. Try to stay away from areas like wrists and ankles and anywhere too boney. It will take longer to heal and may swell up a bit more than usual the next few days but you will know how to take care of it as you've some done. Good luck! x

  • thank u so much, is sit a good idea on azathioprine aswell?? it so annoying as i only hv a little bi tof work left to do, our tattooist knows about my sle, and is very understanding, any more advice anyone????

    really appreciate it all.xx

  • I had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago... I`m on pred, hydroxy, mtx, epilepsy drugs, iron tabs, vit d, folic think thats it & had no probs... Spoke to my tattooist first that i might bleed more... but no probs... It healed well with plenty of bepanthen put on... I`d say have it done xx

  • thanks so much, u guys are putting my mind at rest, x

  • My best friend has pretty severe lupus and is on a high does of prednisone (amongst other things) and she has gotten multiple tattoos in the past year, one of them huge! Just take care while you're healing so you don't get an infection and you should be fine.

  • pallasathena thank u so much, think i am going to go for it, and look after it with extra extra care.x

  • my daughter is a tattooist and has multiple tattoo's herself and of course has SLE she just makes sure that she is more careful by keeping the area clean so that she doesnt get infected, the person who does the tattoos on her also knows she has this illness which she says is a must if your having them done because they have to be aware of it....................and of course she bleeds more. So just make sure you take more care and inform the person who is doing your work and keep it as clean as possible

  • Why mess with your health which is already at risk wait till your off your meds since its only a lil bit anyway.

  • I have a massive back tat which I never finished because I don't heal properly. I wish I could get it done but I'm not sure I dare. Interesting reading comments, I might reconsider my position someday.

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