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Ulcerated left eye

Just an update about the ulcer that was in my left eye nearly two weeks ago. The pain started on Saturday the 16th Of May and I went to the A&E early Sunday morning to be told I had a ulcer in my left eye and was sent to see a consultant at the eye department on the Monday.

He confirmed that I did have an ulcer on my cornea. The treatment had already been started by the A&E doctor so I was to continue with antibiotic ointment and given a new prescription for more lubricants for my eyes.

Saw another doctor on Saturday morning in the follow up acute referral clinic and again today. He just said carry on using the ointment after checking my eyes. He did not given me another prescription for the ointment. He also said you still have the ulcer, come back in five days. Went back today saw another doctor who asked me if I was still using the ointment and when I said no it finished on Monday she was surprised as I should have been given a repeat prescription on Saturday.

Right now I'm praising God because the ulcer has gone completely and I knew on Tuesday it was gone. I had complete faith that God was going to heal my eye. I still diagnosed with MCTD (sle) with lung damage and will be having Rituximab treatment sometime in June.

I'm so excited at the moment and I'm off on a cruise on Monday to the canary Islands. Take care everyone, praying you all have a peaceful and pain free weekend.

Love and hugs xx

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I am so glad of your update & am so HAPPY for you...these eye ulcers can take quite a while to clear up. For what it's worth, I think you've done vvvvv well on all fronts: you moved quickly to get your eyes checked out by emergency experts, you've conscientiously followed the treatment plan and focused on positive healing thoughts, + you've had the problem monitored by specialists. This really is textbook stuff.

Your cruise sounds wonderful❗️Am imagining you'll already be planning to take your eye meds along with you, just in case...this is the sort of thing I'd do: and once they're packed, I'd feel so secure, that I'd forget them entirely till I was home again

Will be imagining you having a 🎉 time!

Hope you'll let us know how you get on with rituximab



Thanks Barnclown for your reply. I am so glad and grateful for the wonderful treatment I received from the NHS, you know God uses every thing and everyone for our good.

Yes, I've packed all meds including eye meds for my cruise and oxygen ordered and will be delivered to my room when I board the ship at Southampton (it will cost me over £400).

I use ambulatory oxygen, so hoping the Rituximab will help to slow down the damage the lupus is causing to my lungs.

Will let you know how I cope with the Rituximab infusions.

Love and hugs to all



Thanks so much for your lovely reply....Bon voyage👋🌴😘😎👣




Bless you my dear! Thank God for your healing and he will be with us all. Have a wonderful and blessed cruise. Take care and God bless.


I thank and praise Him every day for His mercies because they are new everyday.

Bless you


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Bless you Maureenpearl. Gods mercies are new everyday. We just need to look for them and thank Him. I'm so pleased your eye has healed before your cruise. I hope you have a wonderful time. Xx


Bless you flossy1 😎🙏📷xx


So glad your faith has got you through and you are having a lovely break I have trouble at the mo with my chest had a cough and it won't go got a steroid pump so hope it will help God bless xx


So sorry to hear about your chest, I do hope the steroid pump help quickly I will pray for a speedy recovery for you.

Lots of love

God bless

Maureen xox 🙏💐


Dear Maureenpearl,so pleased that with Gods' help you are well enough to go on your cruise,hope you have a lovely time with plenty of rest and relaxation,love and soft hugs xxxx


Thanks BettyAlice, i'm feeling very tired at the moment but looking forward to the sea air and some sun (even though I have to use factor 50 and cover up). I sleep very well whilst onboard the ship.

It will be a time to meditate on God's goodness and mercy.

Lots of love and blessings.

Maureen xox


Maureenpear, I'm so glad that your eye healed. Enjoy your cruise.


Thanks Fighting, I'm sure I will 👍📷🍹😎xx


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