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When you should go to the Emergency room?


Hello friends, I was curious to know what symptoms and such are serious enough to head to the Emergency room? I believe Lupus is causing my severe headaches upon waking, and I have a feeling that my kidneys are also being affected by Lupus because of the constant urge to urinate, pain, etc. I also smell like ammonia, which I have read is linked to kidney failure. I do believe the severe headaches are caused by lupus, but I wouldn't want to waste my time by going to the emergency room only to be sent right home. Thanks for reading & I look forward to hearing your responses. God Bless you all. :)

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If I was you I'd speak to your gp first so that they can start testing you to see what's going on. x

Thanks for the advice. I thought about that, but last time I saw my GP she recommended I see my Rheumatologist. It ****** me off that every Dr., specialist, etc. refers me to another specialist, multiple times. I do see a Rheumatologist, but since there aren't many Rheumatologist in my area, I had to settle for a Rheumatologist that has many patients than he can handle, so therefore my appointments aren't just right away, it takes a month

or longer to be seen.(The last Specialist I saw said she had to beg him to take on another patient.) I get discouraged at times, but what the hell, I'm tired of going from Dr. to specialist, etc. Sorry for the rant. I figured if I do in fact go to the emergency room during a flare they will address all my problems, (kidney issues, peptic ulcers, etc.) rather than being referred to Dr. after Dr. I've decided to just handle all these symptoms without medical treatment & just go to my Rheumy appointments. We are ambassadors for our own bodies, so no Dr. can tell us what we are feeling because our bodies the feel pain, etc. Again, thanks for the advice and God Bless:)

Hi Princess

A way of trying to get an earlier Rheumatology Appt is to ring the clinic and ask to be considered for a cancellation. It's worked for me!. ER's can be staffed by junior doctors who don't have the necessary knowledge about Lupus and it isn't always a quick way to see a specialist. I know this from experience too so it's much better to go thru your GP. He /she knows you better . Hope you get the help you need soon.X

Thank you so much for the wonderful advice. I am going to definitely do that today. I really hope I am able to get a sooner appointment. I do get discouraged at times, but your reply has given me much hope. Again, thanks soo much & God Bless:)

no point going to emergency department with your symptoms as they are only dealing with immediately life threatening cases, they won't have any experience with Lupus and you need to see a specialist - need to get referred by your GP xx

Thanks, I do see a Rheumatologist, but as I previously responded, it's a long wait just to see him due to his overload of patients. If I were to go to the E.R., at least I would see the proper doctors to address the reason for my E.R. visit (for example, if I went to the E.R. Because of my kidney issues, then they would call in a nephrologist.) Kidney failure is considered a medical emergency.

I think you call Rheumatologist and telling them exactly what you are telling us here and that you feel down sizing don't know how to do unless you can see a doctor who can really help you asap.

Sometimes, I think call the office in curtain times that they wouldn't to busy or talk to the one that who cares enough about others and hope you can get to see your doctor soon.

The right time, right place and right people would be able to help you.

Good lucks

Thank you for the helpful advice. I am going to call my Rheumatologist's office today and see if I can be seen much sooner. Sometimes I feel as if there's no hope in getting the proper medical attention because my Rheumatologist is very busy with many patients, as there aren't many Rheumatologists in my area. Thank you again for the wonderful advice. You have given me much encouragement. Take care & God Bless:)

Princess, I'm going to see my new doctor early morning. She is new in the office or I have to wait for one more day to see my current doctor. The reason I'm having a bad flares for a week now. My original appointment isn't until the end of the month. I called the office on the weekend, taking some prednison, but still don't get better. Hopefully she is a good doctor though.

we are here to support each others. God bless.

I'm sorry to hear that your having a bad flare, I hope you feel better. I will keep you in my prayers, as well as everyone here on this amazing website. Thank you for the support & encouragement. :) I don't know anyone that has lupus, so it's nice to go on this website with people who do understand. God Bless

If the headaches are atrocious, don't respond to any medication, are constant and you've just been having them recently, then go to ER as the symptoms suggest an urgent cause. Otherwise you're wasting your time - any long term headache will get you referred to your normal doctor on normal hours, for further investigations.

Lupus might be the culprit here but who knows, it may be the medication, or something else. It is good that you're trying to see your rheumatologist soon. I'd expect him to do some blood tests to check for anti phospholipid syndrome (APS) that can cause headaches such as what you describe (I don't intend to worry you here, it is just good to rule things out before blaming lupus). But I'd also expect a referral to a neurologist to get a brain and neck MRI just in case.

As for the kidney disease - if that's classed as an emergency where you are, then go for it, no point staying home worried about it. A rheumatologist would only send you to a nephrologist anyway, so why not be proactive, I agree with you.

Good luck.

Thank you soo much. That was extremely helpful advice & I am definitely going to tell my Rheumatologist about the headaches & kidney problems. I'm kinda new to all this, so I don't know if the new symptoms are caused by Lupus, but you have been very helpful & I greatly appreciate it. Thanks again & God Bless:)

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