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Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone could help me. Before my diagnosis of SLE I was on a combined oral contraception with no problems. When I was diagnosed I was switched to a progestogen only pill which I hate (PMS, cramps, irregular heavy bleeding-for over a year now)!! I've gone back to my gp and they have said they won't switch me back despite the fact my antiphosolipid bloods coming back fine. Seems like such a minor problem in the scheme of things but it's just something else I don't want to be dealing with. Anyone have any information on this? Thank you xxx

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The combined pill may make your lupus worse. That's prob why they wouldn't change you back. As lupus can be related to hormones (I think my started when I went on the pill- diagnosed 3 years after!) it's also why some peoples symptoms improve in pregnancy due to the different hormones. It's hard, don't have an answer for you I'm afraid. Could you try a diff type of pill? I had to try 2 diff ones when they changed mine, you prob don't want to hear this but now I'm not on any pill, my fatigue is less & have less flares.

Hope you get an answer soon xx


I would never advise the pill for contraception. I was on the depo provera injection for 11 years but was advised to come off it because of the risk of osteoporosis. I have been on the implant for a year and have had no problems, no pains, no periods and it doesn't interfere with any of my treatment - rituximab, steroids etc.

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