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Lupus and periods

Hi all, wondering if anyone can help. Are missed/ late periods normal with lupus?? Been trying to conceive for 3 months now and will be 5 days late today, I've always been on the pill until April so not sure what to expect with lupus and periods. Is this a normal thing or should I think about taking a test??

Will greatly appreciate any advice


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I would love to know this. I was sent to endocrinology a couple of years ago because of this issue and my thyroid running low. At the time I was diagnosed with PCOS and told to go away andose weight. Funnily enough eating healthily and exercising made me feel better bit I continued to have issues with irregular periods. This year I had a raised CA125 test and was investigated for ovarian cancer - frightening! It turns out I have large benign cysts. I wonder if this is all connected to my AI disease ...


Hi my daughter didn't have her period for almost 6 months during a relapse with lupus then they came back! But if you are trying and you haven't had period I would do a test, hope your result is a positive one!!! :)


If you haven't already, I'd advise going to the GP and explaining you want to conceive as sometimes the meds you are on won't help. they could be of harm and with Lupus its important .


Pop to docs ,fingers crossed good luck hope all is as wonderful as you hope x

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Thanks for replies, home pregnancy test negative, will book Drs appointment for early next week as have now completely missed period and am showing lots of common pregnancy symptoms, very very confused, hopefully docs will help.


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