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Headless Chickens

I am so so annoyed !

Why well my GP had decided along with a Rheumatologist that my potassium is low OMG, tell me something I don't know I have Lupus I will have a low potassium and Vitamin D !!

This has come about as I have fortnightly bloods due to taking azathioprine.

Headless Chickens.

No one has ever worried before so why now ?

I am not worried I am fed up with it all - Its my body my health and my lupus !

Breathe, Stress over, thanks for reading

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Sorry kazp.....I did not know lupus have low potassium and vitamin d...very interesting... I take vit d everyday. I however, don't take potassium as I have to watch my scarred kidneys. I read somewhere to not take potassium for kidney problems... may have read you feel like a headless chicken, or is that a reference to the doctors? Hope you feel better...good to vent....


the doc are the headless chickens , ive seen this many times over the years ! I am fed up of repeating that I am not going to take potassium tablets i did once and they have lots of salt in them and are disgusting !


Hi kazp

Potassium plays a vital part in electrical activity and conduction within the body, particularly the heart so I am not surprised that they are concerned. I was not aware that SLE is a direct cause of low levels but I do know that supplements should not be taken without medical advice and monitoring. I hope things sort themselves out and you will start to feel more confident in what is being suggested.


Part of the electrolytes isn't it ?

Thing is its my body and I feel good, I have probably always been low in potassium and its only been noted due to fortnightly bloods, as I was having bloods 8-12 weekly. That tells me that potassium in my body fluctuates a bit. Its my body and I know and am confident as i listen to my body. OK its taken me a few years to get that but Its up to me isn't it ? I can listen to the docs and ask all the questions, I hope that we can come to a conclusion we are all happy with .


Yes you are right and you know how your body feels


Hi Kazp

Low potassium can make you feel lousy and they can give you supplements to improve it likewise for VitD so be thankful they've found something they can put right !. Alternatively, eat more bananas as they're a good source of potassium. Hope you feel better for ranting!X


ahh the banana but they have high sugar tried that and docs cant agree on of they are good or bad, I eat many foods as part of my normal diet that contain good potassium levels. potassium tablets are revolting !


....and what about drinking coconut water which is another good source of potassium... go coco is 100% with nothing added, and there is another brand (but Go coco is what's in my fridge was fab when our tesco started stocking this)

this morning I feel like a good vent, kazp, so reading your post and these good replies is grrrreat!

Take care



Err coconut water. tried that this week, the smell put me off then the taste not for me at all. It wasn't the brand you mention must have been the other one !

I eat bananas not too many as they are high in sugar, apricots, spinach, mushrooms, salmon and avocados are part of my diet .

Glad to help you vent


Haha: yes, I've only just discovered coconut water this past spring, and have been finding it kind of funny that I can enjoy drinking it so much...cause almost anyone I offer it to says: ugh, bad taste & smell! Your diet choices sound good to me...


I had low potassium when I was on Aza it levelled out eventually when I went onto mycophenolate


thanks for the info and reply


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