weakness(not necessary lupus problem)

woke this morning with the same persistent pelvic pain.tightness in neck and pressure on stomach.had breakfast -choked on cereal -difficulty swallowing that and meds.took dog s out felt weak (also last night very wobbly as going to keel over).back to bed fro coupleof up same pain managed to hoover and wash floors,tried to tidy garden btu too weak and cannot bend down fro pelvic pain.sleep in pm -routine of necessary-just got up-dogs whining woke me.tightness etc in neck,pelvic pain and tingling left hand.thinking how can not gp consider persistent pelvic pain as non serious?he sadi three weeks ago he would talk to gynae.then last week it was I am waiting for him to be at teh surgery.made me see red as proves he doesnt take me seriously or would have made an urgent appointment fro me to see gynae.

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Firstly- you need to stop. Your body is telling you to stop.

Listen to it please listen to your body.

From what i am reading you haven't stopped you kept going through the pain which being extremely admirable isn't doing you any favours.


Do you have any pain meds? Ibuprofen should be a good start and you can get this over the counter

As to the GP you can get a second opinion and make a complaint to the practice manager - patient power.

Please please though I request, no I insist you to take a break.


Thanks Kazp. You are right, I stopped. For 3 days I have stayed mostly in bed and let hubby do the work that has to get done. I feel better today, but very sore so still laying low.


You have done to much I live in a bungalow I can't do stairs and most days I'm lucky if I can walk the dog and if I sit down I fall asleep so that my day do what you can when you can


If this happens again go to A & E or Emergency Department.


which symptom are you referring to?the wobbliness ?


I live alone with my dogs .so there is no one else to walk younger one is getting better and doesn't pull as much and responds now to her recall.getting her a muzzle fro when out seems to have calmed her.i only do minimum of housework and it is a bit at a time-takes an hour or so to wash floors cos do one room at a time then rest.Am thinking of gettign a company in to do some housework for me -coupleof hours a week maybe if can afford on ibuprofen tho its says not to take them if you have lupus??tending to garden is minimal a bit of pruning and weeding and a bit at a time as cant bend or do more thna 10-15 minutes if that.


I rang the surgery this morning to leave a message for my gp requesting an urgent appointment with gynae as in so much pain(pelvic)barely walk or do anything.receptionist took message and I got a callback from the practice manager saying my Dr was in surgery and could she call me.she said id have to see a dr before referral as it doesn't work just asking .so got an appointment with a different dr tomorrow am.(checked online its a double appointment????)


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