Strange sensation to legs!

I've been getting a strange sensation to both my legs, really weird feeling of heat running up both legs and then seconds later a sensation of what I can only describe as icy cold liquid trickling down my veins! Should I mention this to Dr, or is this just part & parcel of all that comes with lupus? Does anyone else get these strange sensations? If so what did it turn out to be?

Thanks Debbie

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  • Hi Cocobella

    It's always worth telling your GP\Consultant any new symptom as it can lead to better treatment or a diagnosis . Although I don't have personal experience of your symptoms I do have nerve problems that can produce strange sensations so yours could be nerves or veins affected. Good luckX

  • Thanks Misty14 for your reply, I will talk to my GP about it on Monday x

  • Yes, mention it because this suggests neuro impact - the feeling you have is due to nerve signal being disrupted by inflammation. The brain doesn't recognise the scrambled signal so it makes up a feeling from its database, in this case the feeling of liquid running up and down. Once you get the inflammation under control, the sensation will resolve but is useful to flag it at this point.

  • Thanks Purpletop, having lived with a misdiagnosis for 15 years, not really sure anymore as to what are lupus related issues! So your input is greatly appreciated and I will mention it to Dr.

  • Hi, I too have had a mini flare up since Fri and I experience tingling down my legs....was going to discuss with my GP as I also get a 'disconnect' with the left side of my body when in flare. Eg arm weaker and right side seems to be more dominant. Was going to raise this but like your explanation Purpletop. Will defo get it checked as aware that lupus can cause myelitis type symptoms too.

  • Just an update been to see my Gp about these strange sensations in my legs and he seems to think that it's sclerosis, but has told me to mention it at my Rhuemy appointment in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed I don't experience it more often than I do at the moment, thanks to all for the great advice.

  • Hi cocobella

    My daughter has been diagnosed with lupus and has described symptoms like yours particularly the heat in the legs, sudden heat behind her knee or foot etc.,

  • I've had the icy cold liquid sensation in my lower legs too! I used to get it in the evening, may have been after eating foods which caused inflammation. Scary feeling. Just a mini flare I suppose. Improved once established on Plaquenil.

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