How to dress for skin lupus, black or white color to block out the harmful sun light?

I diagnosed for skin lupus a year ago. Doctors say I have to stay out of the sun light or the ultraviolet, use sun block every day and cover myself up. It is summer and very hot outside, I'm wearing long pants and long sleeves. But what type of material and color is the most effective to protect skin lupus? Some say black other say white. I'm confusing. I do get some uv shirts, but they aren't kinda fashion look and expensive.

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Black absorbs and white reflects. I've been too long a goth and an art student to not wear black !! Lol,but it does absorb heat, so I wear very thin material. I also have masses of hair which protect my head a fair bit, I'd be scuppered if I needed a wide brimmed hat as none fit!


Hello. There have been other posts in the last few months about photo sensitivity and sun block / clothing. I think everyone's sun sensitivity varies. Some have to stay inside to avoid midday sun and have special UV protection on their windows. So far I am wearing clothing that the sun light doesn't come through when holding up, covering up with long sleeves and trousers/maxi skirts, no sandals, 50+ on face, neck, hands/wrist etc, sunglasses and a hat if I am going out for any time in the daytime. I guess it's a case of trial and error. Try to find the other related posts. Good luck. Wendy


Hi there. Have you thought of getting one of those UV protection sun-shades. They look like golf umbrellas. I'm sure I have seen them advertised either in the Lupus UK magazine or the Arthritis Research magazine.

Good luck in the sun.



Stephen, that umbrella would help for along period of time in the sun, but I don't see they make the kind automatic open and close, easy to carry around when I get into the store from my car and out. I'm currently use the automatic open & close black umbrella, but wish to have the one with uv protection. Thank you Stephen.


There are many new alternatives for people with lupus. If you google it, you will find a lot of answers. One of the things I found were some clothing from a company called They sell clothing for people who are rehabilitating from surgery but also have benefits for those with lupus. The clothing is very nice looking with protection from the sun. They are also not too expensive, like some of the more popular brands.

I hope this helps.

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