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Floppy hats and the sun

does anyone find wearing a floppy hat in spring/summer really help for protection of uv sun my husband wants to go abroad this year and im worried about the hot sun (even though i really love the sun)i dont want to walk around with sore red face for a week.xx

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I find it helps me, you can get hats that have a SPF factor rating, I find they are ideal for keeping the sun off your face and also protecting yor head from the sun. I was never a sun worshipper I do likebeing warm and am happy "sun bathing" in the shade, under a brolly, with hat over face- snoring..........


I went to Majorca last year just after my diagnosis so I was pretty concerned. I wore sun cream all over all the time and light cotton clothes and a hat! I stayed in between 11 and 2 as it was soo hot. Otherwise I went out and about,just kept in the shade when I wasn't swimming. I think it is just a case of trial and error and you have to see how you feel. I am sure you will have a lovely time. x

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Thankyou good advice its not like i need to sunbathe but i do like holidays and its nice to know that lupus doesnt stop us having a good time. xxx

My son keeps badgering me to get a brimmed hat for the summer and so far I've resisted. I was out yesterday and really struggled with the sun hitting my eyes soooo think I'm going to get one. I didnt know you could buy SPF rated ones deadasadodo, going to have a look at those..

Have a nice holiday Pinky :) Jomuls reply sounds spot on...

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i also didnt know you could buy a SPF hat so i looked but dont be surprised by the price they are not cheap around £30 but might be worth it if you suffer with rash like i do.

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They're not cheap...30 is about right, maybe I'll get a visor instead. I keep out of hot sun anway, just need something to protect my eyes and the tints from the optician arent enough..

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Hi Pinky and Chris

I saw an SPF hat in TKMax- it was not as much as £30 so it might be worth shopping around.

hi i get SPF 50 sunblock on prescription and seeing i dont pay for prescriptions its free, it sould be prescribed by your gp or dermatologist as a medical need to all lupus patients. i use sunsens daily face no greasey moisturiser delopoed in aus and they know what sun is. it also is almost invisable so doesnt leave you looking white and pastey like some do, hope that helps say you all a few pennies

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brilliant my next appointment ill get a prescription as we will be going through bucket loads of it soon if we have a sunny summer.

thanks xx oh and why dont they tell us all this in the first place sometimes docs can leave you so frustrated.

Thanks - will ask my gp about the sun protection and have a look at TKMax..thank you both x

I have scle, lupus of the skin. It means i must avoid uv light. I get SPF 50 suncream on prescription and i have to wear hats in the summer. I get them online from village hats. They have some great hats that have uv protection.

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excellent villiage hats it is then they dont look too bad at all (not much of a hat lover)but hey if needs must im sure ill get used to them.

thanks melinda xx

Like the village hats site Melinda, thumbs up, picking one out now...thank you

Hi, I always used to wear a cap but found that my ears and neck burned. I bought a hat from tesco, just a tight weave wicker sun hat with a wide brim and its brilliant. Bought it last year and a few weeks ago saw them in the sale for 50p so bought another (it only cost £3 in first place). Definately wear spf as high as possible but as long as its a tight weave fabric etc you should be ok. You could try a decent make-up that has a spf in it as well. If you do burn try using aloe its great for cooling the skin and helps the healing process and its all natural. Good luck


The last five years years when I put a face mosituriser I always make sure it has at least SPF 15 in it, most of the named brands do this now and some are factor 20. I use No 7- but there are loads of others. I use this in the winter and from about now till about Oct I use a factor 50 on my face every day. I think once you get into the habit it is second nature. In the summer (if it is sunny) I usually put body sun screen on after a shower before I get dressed again this becomes rountine. After a few high SPF disasters i.e. leaving me with a feeling of goose-fat I found a spray clear one which was non-sticky and light it is Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect+ Spray SPF50+, it is expensive but I would recommend it after many years of trail and error- I usually wait till it is buy one get one free (boots tescos superdrug), or any other offer and stock up!


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