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How to complain to DWP about PIP?

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone knew how i could complain to the DWP about PIP? And would it affect their decision??

Short version of problem. I started the claim process 6 months ago. I had my ATOS medical in september. DWP confirmed they had ALL infomation needed including ATOS report to make decision on claim over 5 weeks ago. DWP stated that there were "NO DISCREPANCIES" between information supplied and ATOS report (whatever that means).

NOTHING has been done since!! Except a letter dated the 1st of November apologising for the delay.

They keep telling me that a decision should have been made within 2 weeks of receiving the report - but nothing has been done. i am fed up of knowing more than the customer service advisor and the same information being relayed to me.

I dont know what to do. People may think i am over reacting, but it is really frustrating. I am anxious and stressed because of it and my health is taking a severe battering - and i think this is helping to contribute to that.

Can anyone advise on what i should do please

lupie hugs to all

seriously stressed out esky :-( xxx

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what about phoning them and asking to speak to a manager and also as for a for to be sent to you to complain or look on benefits web site .



Will look on sites. thanks steph x


Also check out the info on


Hi, I was in exactly the same position as you. I started my claim in May 2013 and I kept bugging them. They said when the doctors report was back it would take 2 weeks . Two weeks passed and I herd nothing so I rang them again and within five days a decision was made and they paid me the what they owed from May. I received a lump sum and then they paid me the next month. Just keep bugging them daily until they send it out. They are stacked up with claims at the moment.

Hope that helps.

I'm bugging doctors secretaries next week as I've been in hospital and no questions have been answered so i'm not giving up. Bug away they will get fed up.



Hi, they are having problems as the doctors contracts have come to an end and they have not had any for approximately 8 weeks. This has meant no decisions have been made with new cases in that time. If you are on Facebook look at the page called Fighback they are fantastic and can answer any questions about ESA or pip etc and help with filling forms etc. they are all volunteers and do a fantastic job, it's from them I found aou about this problem.

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hi, esky please don't stress as the last thing you want to do is make your health worse. As we know stress can aggrevate the condition..and nothings worth that..i rang dla on Thursday as I am still awaiting my assesment..can be frustrating waiting..goodluck take care


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How about asking a local disability centre or charity, or even the Citizen's Advice Bureau? Good luck xx


I have been phoning ATOS every week since my assessment in October and no luck


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