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Dear all, I am really upset, the surgery on Monday for my chronic painful shoulder has had to be cancelled due to having dangerously high blood pressure. Let me explain:

I went for my pre-op appointment a couple of weeks ago on 8th April at the hospital and the nurse practitioner found blood in my urine and was alarmed as my blood pressure was dangerously high. She got on the phone to request an urgent appointment there and then and promptly sent me sent me off to my GP surgery. That evening the practice nurse also found blood in my urine and confirmed my blood pressure was seriously too high; I was given antibiotics though it appeared that there was no bacteria present.

I returned a week later on 17th April and my blood pressure was still high with small traces of blood in urine. This was sent off to the lab

I returned yet again on 29th April and this time my urine was clear and my blood pressure though elevated, was nearer normal than abnormal, so I went on my merry way feeling relieved.

2 days ago the anaesthetist requested to see me prior to my operation this Monday. He nearly hit the roof and said that the operation will be cancelled if I present on the day of admission with blood pressure this high: it was 192/96...this is not a mis-reading as it has been done a number of times this month and they have all been high. Before I ended the consultation (my ECG was fine) he re-tested my blood pressure which had gone down to 174/86...a lot better though still high. He urged me to see my GP.

I saw my GP after work last night and was devastated to learn that my BP was again 190/96 and while she sympathises with my shoulder pain, this is a far more urgent situation, hence the cancellation of my operation.

Do you think that the disease process is manifesting itself more with these presenting symptoms or is this totally unconnected to lupus / sjogren's?

I am really concerned and my GP is closely monitoring me now... got to go along in half an hour to have blood pressure readings taken and blood panel. Will check kidney function and do a heart monitor in the week. Help, any advice? I am falling apart.


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Hey, this suggests kidney problems to me - if the kidneys don't function properly they put pressure on the heart, hence the raised blood pressure. I'm shocked that they haven't given you diuretics/medication to bring the pressure down, you should have been started already, rather than wait for blood tests. How are you feeling though, that is definitely high reading!


As someone who has been dipstick testing their urine for a month now, I am finally seeing GP tonight. Am not well, and will be taking a sample with me as, my urine shows haemolytic blood every day and protein, sometimes bilirubin, and always leukocytes. All points to kidneys or liver for me. Was waiting till rheumy appt, but will tell dr today. I believe it is all lupus related, but get expert opinion. By the way, my BP is always very low.(I am the only person I know who's dr told me to have more salt !!!) last few times my BP has been normal. For me, this is high.



Blood pressure problems are common and often termed as Essential hypertension. It may or may not be due to Lupus. But medication should bring it down. A lot of practices now do 24 hour recordings because a bp can elevate in certain areas such as hospital and surgeries. ECG is routine to rule out cardiac cause and so are bloods.

Urine will show traces of blood when there is infection, so that's probably why it's clear now.

Protein in the urine indicates possible chronic kidney failure but can also appear with infection. And the urine would be sent of for a specific test if indicated.

Medication for hypertension will be started by the GP when they have assessed its need and run tests. Do not panic, they will probably start you on treatment today. They would want baseline bloods before starting you on these so they can monitor their effects. You will have to go back after taking these meds for more bloods to check your U&E is okay.

It is true that a high bp and CKD are related but so is CKD and age. And we are all aware that Lupus can cause Kidney damage but wait and see. If you have been having regular Lupus checks then you have probably been having your urine tested.

Please don't worry too much.

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Hi...I went along to have bloods taken and BP monitored. It was still high though the diastolic was better than last couple of times. They have booked me in again for Tuesday and a couple of times the week after and have suggested I go to the pharmacy in between to get it checked out.

I am 52 so probably would be too young for kidney disease?

As you know, my lupus/sjogrens/RA panel always come back negative so I don't hold out that these symptoms will help determine one way or other - I am still at UCTD stage.

My GP gas suggested that she may well start me on medication next week as she wants to give it time to come down naturally once out of the work environment.

I am gutted my operation has been cancelled. I am hoping chronic pain can cause BP rise?


I'm sure you are gutted but best knowing and getting things sorted first. I wonder if the Gp is thinking it may have gone up due to stress, pain and the environment you where in. If so that would explain the wait. Last thing you want is drugs that make your bp drop too much.


What do you eat?


I am Coeliac so can't eat gluten but like salads and baked potatoes. I also eat chicken and the usual stewing steak in casseroles etc.

Have haemochromatosis (sister) in family and sarcoidosis (brother) and a number if my siblings have diabetes too. Not good is it when I have hypothyroidism too.


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