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Found out today I need to have an operation on my stomach to see what's going on as constant high ca 125.... he wants me to wait till next year in 3 months as I was quite worried when he told me I need one as I have never been been put to sleep or had an op.... I'm quite worrying how I'm going to respond after the op ( it's only key hole ) am I going to have a huge flare and feel the pain even more?? How am I going to be days after?

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I understand your worries and see why you want to wait until Christmas and New year are out of the way. But I can only try to reassure you that I had key hole surgery to remove my gallbladder last year and the procedure itself wasn't a problem at all for me. It will just be a really big weight off your mind to get it done and hopefully learn that nothing bad is going on by then I suspect. You will be sleeping through the operation and it will all be over in a trice. The procedures I dread most are the ones I'm awake for now!

Meanwhile try to focus on having a good festive season and put your worries on the high shelf and try to live in the present - keep saying to yourself, what will be will be.


Love your reply twitchy,

Ditto from me. 🌻🌻


👍👍👍👍And me too 😉🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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Hi Leanne

Sorry to read you are having an op on your tummy to see what's happening . Keyhole is the best as its non invasive, recovery is much better. Do you take steroids?. You'll be advised at the pre-op assessment to increase your dose prior to the op to help your body cope and prevent a flare afterwards.

I hope you can enjoy Christmas despite this hanging over you, not easy!. Keep us posted how you get on and good luck. X💐


I've had a squillion little operations and I've never had a flare afterwards. Just don't push yourself too hard for a few days afterwards.

Also important to tell the pre-admission people (and especially the anaesthetist) that you have Lupus and if you are on Prednisolone or blood thinners.

If you have kidney problems - make sure you fluid up to the maximum capacity allowable before the procedure - and again - make sure the anaesthetist know's about it. He or she should visit you before the procedure.

Anaesthetists can compensate for lack of fluids and cortisol s etc. with drips etc. while your'e having the procedure.

It will all happen automatically without you being there.


Hi Leanne22p ,

Preparing for and having a successful surgery can present some unique challenges for some people with lupus. Here is some helpful information from The Lupus Encyclopedia;

"Many of the medications taken by people who have lupus must be stopped around the time of surgery to prevent problems such as bleeding and infections, while some medications, such as steroids, may need to be increased."

"The cold operating room may cause problems with blood flow in a person with Raynaud's phenomenon, while the dryness of the surgical suite can cause significant problems for those who are already dealing with the dryness of Sjogren's syndrome. The person who has lupus will need to prepare thoroughly and let the surgical team members know what special needs her or she has."

"Ask your surgeon if you need to obtain special surgical recommendations from any of your other doctors. Usually, you should obtain a surgical evaluation or advice from at least your primary care physician (GP) and rheumatologist. Some people who have systemic lupus have significant involvement of internal organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart, and liver. If you have these types of problems, you may also need recommendations from other specialists."

"It is best to plan doing this well in advance of your surgery. If you wait until too close to the surgical date, you may find that your surgery has to be postponed if any of your specialists require any medical studies to be done before the surgery."

If you require any advice about your medications before and after the surgery, I recommend you speak with your consultant. If you need more information about lupus and surgery, please send me a private message with your email address or email and I can send you some scans of this book.

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