How do people fair with a head and chest cold with lupus?

I woke up today very phlegmy...constantly have to clear out of my neck feels sore by my thyroid, if that's possible. Should I see doc for anti biotic or wait till I get a fever or ride it out with tea, zinc and vit c. I don't think it's bronchitis, just a lot of phlegm. Maybe from allergies. I have a little wheeze when I cough too, but it's not that phlegmy. Just very uncomfortable to have to constantly clear my throat. Oh, and I didn't sleep well because I was up all night coughing and clearing my throat...wondering how people with lupus get through a cold?

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  • Hi natura,

    I too would appreciate some advice regarding this. I started with a cold 2 days ago very similar to you only I have a sore throat and losing my voice too. Do you have a temperature? If you do I would advice going to the Dr's. Last time I had a cold over Christmas it triggered a 4 week flare so I'm praying that doesn't happen this time. Have plenty of rest, fluids and I hope you feel better soon. X

  • I use Tea Tree oil on forehead and base of throat. Also put it in bath water. I take Echinnacea tablets daily during a cold. An increased temperature is natural body defence to kill of "bugs/virus". Only needs attention if it is very high. Antibiotics are useless against viruses so not needed - unless - you get prolonged coughing over many weeks which may be bacterial. I also wheeze, particularly at night, and have done so ever since severe bronchitus in 2011. I have salbutamol inhaler which I use as and when. Colds are horrible even for someone without the added joys of Lupus, so be kind to yourself, and I hope you feel much better soon :)

  • What does tea tree oil do?

  • Its worth having some tea tree handy if you suffer from digital ulcers as it helps to combat infection, together with salt water finger baths. Years back I was quite interested in aromatherapy and tea tree was one of the most talked about essences. It is anti-bacterial. But many herbs are as well and before modern day medicine they were relied on.

  • I read somewhere that echinnacea should be avoided by people with lupus as it stimulates an immune response which can then go haywire in people with lupus.

    My response may not be the correct one. But i usually just try to keep warm and take extra rest and cut down on diary products including drinks containing milk. I make hot lemon with honey and try to eat foods containing garlic which is a natural anti biotic.

    Coughing and clearing my throat is now commonplace for me so i would never be away from the doctors if i acted on everything.

    However wheezing with a cough could indicate some sort of chest infection which should be checked in case of further complications.

  • I'd advise caution regarding echinacea as it can trigger a flare of lupus symptoms.

  • Thanks Paul...I can see how some stuff is not good for you. I tried elderberry, and I had a severe reaction...flared up with lower back pain from my intestines (mom died from colitis) and had to go lie down. Thanks for the info. Hard to boost your immune when you are sick, but not too much that the lupus will flare.

  • I had never heard that warning before as have always sworn by echinacea and it has always helped me, and my husband (Crohns disease), when we've had colds. Have seen the warnings on web now. As lupus is auto immune you would have thought colds would be less frequent and less severe, but such is not the case. We seem to be so busy attacking our own bodies that viruses run wild - so my thinking is that echinacea - at least for me - helps attack the virus, and not me! We are all different :)

  • True catlady...

  • You are lucky that it doesn't have a negative effect on you at this time. You are correct that everybody is different and some people may, like you, not have a negative reaction. I was always urge caution though.

  • Agreed Paul...

  • i have heard this many times :) i stay clear of anything that boosts my immune system since i found out that lupus is an overactive immune system. i am even cutting down on my garlic intake, which saddens me

  • Thank you cat lady and sezzie....I am still not feeling well. Only day 2...went up to health store and got elderberry cough syrup...helped a little...was up all night coughing. Can't take cough medicines anymore because of kidney scarring. That stuff always seemed to just mask symptoms and not help. Didn't get echinacea. Should have picked that up too. Trying a little bit of colloidal silver spray. Tackles viruses, colds, flu, bacterial. A little nervous with this as their is a lot of controversy on its benefits. I immediately felt better after 4 sprays. I still have chest cough, trying to rest, but can't because I keep coughing. My back hurts from coughing so much. I hope I feel better tomorrow. At least I survived today. Don't sleep well though. I don't know if this is lupus or not. I have a hard time resting and sleeping as of late. I drink camomile tea before bed to help. I went to get a foot massage and the woman said I would sleep good that night. I was getting nerve pain when the per son was doing the massage. I slept a straight 7 hours. Haven't done that in awhile. Néed to go again. Thanks for the well wishes.

  • Apparently, I have the flu...ugh!!!!! Just left clinic...tested positive for flu. Still drinking elderberry and occasional colloidal 4....Having a terrible time sleeping.

  • im so glad i found this my partner has lupus and i just woke up with a bad chest and cold so avoiding her now 

  • I try so hard to avoid breathing in near people who are coughing or sneezing. This is the second time in last 8 weeks I've got a hacking cough, extremely sore throat & spent last 3 days in bed v little energy. It takes weeks to recover from things, non-lupies seem to bounce back within a few days. I'm still struggling to come to terms with this

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