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lupus rheumatology, joint pain


I was diagnosed with lupus sept last year.

Now my wrists are so painfull they click and so do my knees,I wear supports. Innicial medication was prednislone (steroids) now I am not using steroids but I am still taking hydroxycloroquine 200mg. I am worried that the joint pain will stop me working within 6 months, because of the rate of the pain increasing.

Has anybody was put back on prednislone for joints rather than dermatology?

Also lupus sufferers are suppose to stay out of the sun and use 50spf sunblock but the body produces wit D by being exposed to the sun. My q is - are there any benefits of taking wit D ?

I am currently taking codliver oil capsules with glucosamine.

Any other advice for joints? HELP!

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Hi jonathonjon, I have been on prednisolone and hydroxychloroquine for a long time. The lupus arthritis in my joints is my main problem and the pain has been awful from time to time when I dropped the pred. down low. Because the steroids cause so many side effects one has to use them at the lowest dose possible. On the other hand if your joints are so bad and you are suffering so much pain you have to weigh up what to do. Its also not good for your whole system if your lupus is active so have a good talk with your doctor about the pros and cons.

Yes, vitamin D is essential especially for us lupies. Sounds excellent that you are taking cod liver oil. I am not sure whether glucosamine helps lupus arthritis though.

Really look after your joints when they are inflamed and painful and don't strain them by doing heavy work. My joints in my hands have become very deformed over time and I didn't always care for them very well. You don't say what your job is.

Heat is supposed to help or alternating heat and cold but I have not found this to be of lasting help. Some people use tens machines.

Good luck, I hope you find a solution.


You might want to talk to your GP or rheumatologist if your medication is not working, you may need to adjust the dose or try a different medication. I was also diagnosed over a year ago and we are still trying to figure out the dosage and type of meds that will reduce the pain but have the fewest side effects. If the pain is getting worse it might be a sign of a flare, which needs to be brought under control before it does more damage. I'm on prednisolone and hydroxychloroquine, the steroids seem to help more with my joints.

Take care and good luck.

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Do you eat a lot of foods containing potassium? I know that many lupus sufferers are regularly told to make sure that their potassium levels are increased, as it is good for the immune system, however, I find that bananas and tomatoes give me arthritic flares that are ten times more painful than if I don't eat them. Just a suggestion, as sometimes certain foods can affect the problems. Perhaps it may be worth altering your diet somewhat to see if there is anything that causes a problem?

Hope this is of some help

Take care and hope you get well soon x


To everyone who gave me such great advice , thank you all and have a very Merry Christmas and pain free New Year!

To Jude 65 my work is property maintenance, so involves fitting new doors/windows/general upkeep of properties, so it;s very physical. I am 50 years old but didn't consider my age as a problem before lupus!

It's good to talk to people of like mind/ or who have the same problem,

Thank you all again



Hi again Jonathan, one other thing that I have found to be very important for me is to pace my physical activities by building in rest periods - difficult to do when you are at work I know. Plenty of sleep helps me enormously but it is tough if pain keeps me awake. most of us find that a hard days work means that we are in pain or fatigued the next day.

It sounds tough for you with a hard physical job. Good luck!


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