Does anyone take fluoxetine for raynauds and does it help at all?

Hi, I was previously taking nifedipine for my raynauds but had to come off that as my blood pressure was too low and it caused dizziness. My rheumy today prescribed fluoxetine instead but I'm worried about taking it as it's an anti depressant and I'm not depressed! She didn't explain how it would help the raynauds so I'm reluctant to start taking it. I read on the raynauds website that the only drug licensed for raynauds is the nifedipine. Other drugs (like fluoxetine) are unlicensed. What does that mean? Does anyone else take it for raynauds and does it help? I'm also taking plaquenil and ibuprofen 400mg. Thank you :) xxx

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  • I was on fluoxetine at one time for depression and have always had nifedipine for my raynauds.i would check with your doctor if you are concerned .my dr has changed my meds in the past which consultants have prescribed.

  • Thanks anbuma, I will book an appointment with my GP today. X

  • Hi , I am on nefedipene for raynauds , and also on fluoxetine , but that wasnt prescribed for the raynauds ?! Not heard of this one personally , as advised above I would say double check with your Gp :) hope you get some helpful answers from them x

  • I've also tried Fluoextine (and several other drugs other than Nifedipine) for my Raynauds. If one particular drug doesn't help within a month or so, then it's definitely worth trying another drug as per The Royal Free information sheet on prescription medication used for Raynauds which I've hopefully attached a link to. Hope this helps reassure you.

  • I took fluoxetine for almost 3 years for raynauds and it helped it bit. I came off last year when I fell pregnant and I found that I felt depressed a lot for a few months when I stopped taking it. I took the fluoxetine for raynauds but it is an anti-depressant drug and would not recommend you take it unless you are depressed.

    Just like you I suffer from low blood pressure so I cannot take nifedipine, I am trying to manage my raynauds by using heated gloves, dressing very warmly etc.

    Good luck


  • Hi anic316..i have reynauds where the best place to get heated gloves, thanks

  • Thank you so much for your reply anic316.....that is exactly what I was worried about! raynauds is painful but I'd rather try and sort it out in other ways if I can. I hope you're able to manage your raynauds ok without the medication. All the best. Xxx

  • Gadget shops are a good place to start for heated gloves and other little warming things. Online or high street. Start with Maplins!! xx

  • Hello,

    Fluoxetine aka Prozac are for depression, Nifidipine aka adalt are for Raynauds, maybe your Sonsultant thought you were depressed? But very strange prescribing that without any discussion?? I would not take them unless you needed them for depression - go see your GP like the others said, if you can't take anything for Raynauds then I would go to amazon or google for recommendations on gloves etc.........................

    I use heat holder socks for my feet in the winter and just another tip but really had very sore feet and ankles last night and found that in a book im reading it was advised to wrap your feet/ankles in cling-film and put socks on and it really helped me, after a couple of hours my ankles had stopped throbbing so much, anything is worth a try.

    Best of luck but would definitely go GP.


  • Whoops Consultant not Sonsultant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks beckybooboo,

    Am still waiting to get a GP appointment but haven't taken any of the tablets and I don't think I will!

    ...when I saw the rheumy I felt really rushed when I was trying to tell her about other symptoms I was having and then when she asked about the raynauds she just said I need to try fluoxetine instead of the nifedipine. She didn't ask if I was depressed at all. When she said it was an anti depressant , I told her I wasn't feeling depressed. I later asked the rheumatology nurse specialist how an anti depressant helps the raynauds and she said "I don't know" which instantly made me uncomfortable. I've been prescribed a drug and they're unsure how it's meant to help!

    Thanks again for your reply xxx

  • Please click on the link I posted to the Info sheet from The Royal Free about the drugs used for Raynauds and it explains in detail how and why each drug works when used for Raynauds. You don't have to suffer from depression to be prescribed Fluoxetine to treat Raynauds - it works by dilating the blood vessels as does Nifedipine - it just works in a different way. Some drugs suit some people, others don't - so on the list of drugs that The Royal Free use to help treat Raynauds you and your GP and/or consultant should be able to find one that hopefully works best for you. But the main thing is, if you don't want to try Fluoxetine then there are other drugs you can try instead so I hope you find one that helps you.

  • Thank you tcogb, how do I click on the link......I can't see a link anywhere! ;)

  • Can you see a line of text in blue below this? Hope so :D - if you click on it, it should take you to the info sheet i'm taking about!

  • Yes I've got the Link now thank you!! ......very interesting read. Much appreciated :) xxx

  • Glad the link worked Belee :)

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