Does the butterfly rash sting slightly and feel itchy and hot?

I had a neorologist appointment last Thursday and he said in the light of lupus I should be aware of the rash on my face. I looked in the mirror and saw the red tingling in my face ran across both cheeks and my nose. This rash has stayed mildly visible for 3 or 4 days. It feels rather like hives, which I experienced as a teen as an allergic response to my own sweat whilst doing school sports. Does this sound like a malar rash?

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Hi Bonnie36. Your rash could well be a lupus malar rash, but only a rheumatologist can diagnoise. Good idea to take photographs of the rash and talk to your Dr.


Thanks flossy1. Unfortunately is was hard to get a good photo of it as lighting was tricky. Yet to actually see a rheumatologist, but my neurologist was the one who drew attention to it.


The rash on my face appears only after I'ave been in too much sun, under flourscent lights or on sulfa based antibiotics. Good luck.


Hi Bonnie39

My rash feels hot and can itch. Hope you get sorted soon X


Thanks oaktree. Not much sun recently but possibly fluorescent lights in hospital!

Thanks Misty. Hopefully I will. Not sure how many more symptoms I can have to demonstrate I have sle!!


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