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What can I put on a butterfly rash to ease the itching & reduce the inflammation?

I only had an hour in the sun yesterday and the rash has come up on my face across my nose and cheeks with quite a lot of raised lumps. Any suggestions what I can use to help reduce the rash quickly?

I go to Spain Thursday and have a high 110+ spf facial cream to try to prevent the rash developing. But wondered if once you have the rash what can you do to ease it? Thanks

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Hi MissFG,

We have a blog post with some tips for coping with itchy rashes, hopefully you will find it helpful - lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

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Thanks Paul


Organic cold pressed sesame oil. Anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial, antiviral. My daughter got a bad burn on her face. Oil helped tremendously. She was so happy.


I'm in the US but follow this....for butterfly rash and rosacea I use a product call Burt's Bees Hand Salve. It's all natural and absorbs quickly. As it says, it's good on hands & feet too. I honestly believe it could cure leprosy.


Personally, only my Lupus meds (Plaquenil and Medrol) have helped, but my rheumatologist did say that it is perfectly safe to use a thin layer of over the counter rash medicine like hydrocortisone for a couple of days, especially if it itches. Not for long term use, but ok in an acute flare. Obviously, tho, the best thing to do is stay out of the sun and heat and wear lots of sunscreen. I wear sunscreen all over my body (even under my clothes) and carry sunscreen on me. I apply multiple times a day and it really, really helps.

The smell of sunscreen really bothers me, so I use MD Solar Sciences SPF 50

mineral for the body. It can double as lotion if you have dry skin. Then I keep a sunscreen "stick" on me for quick re-application.

One thing I've learned about Lupus is stay ahead of the symptoms and adopt good preventative habits.


Any cream/ paste/ointment you would use for nappy rash ;)

If you are into naturist things try Tepezcohuite, is a brown tree bark, either powder or cream is really good... Arnica is another option.


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