Does anyone else develop an itchy rash on your finger webs, between your fingers, during a flare?

I am struggling with a virus which has triggered a flare, and as part of it have a rash. My lupus rashes are sort of atypical in that they are always itchy and while on the face, also tend to appear around my waist, on my neck, shoulders and hands, particularly between the fingers. Anyone else see this and any advice on creams, treatments?

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  • Yes I get same rash on and in between my fingers the only thing that helps is steroids and clobetasol ointment as well as protopic ointment they are both RX so you will have to see your primary care or Rheumatologist.

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • Yes, I get this and on various places all over my body, feels like I am infested at times, but it can't be!

  • I get itchy fingers on and off. Also arms,thighs, waist and scalp. Like Cann says I sometimes feel infested. It gets worse at night and I've even made my husband get out of bed so I can change the sheets. The coolness of the sheets helps but not for long. I have noticed hive like rash appearing on my thighs and a viral looking rash on my waist. Nothing on my fingers. The rash comes and goes and it's never there when there is a doctor near x

  • I totally understand this. Also my rash almost always feels like it's right below the surface of the skin. The skin seems and feels inflamed but doesn't necessarily really look very bad. I have a rheumy apt today and am sure he will say it doesn't look bad even though the itching is excruitiating and I feel like my face is really puffy

  • I don't have a rash on my face. My rheumy keeps asking if I get a rash and I forget to mention the thighs. But it's not on the face. I have a brown mark down the right side of my neck that looks like the hormone rash a pregnant woman gets but my youngest is 11 now! Let me know what they say if you mention your rash xxx

  • When I mentioned mine to my rheumy last night and he saw what was there (which was much better than it had been) he said "well, in someone else I might think this was eczema but you get this with every flare and for you this is clearly lupus" so I guess he sees different rashes in different people. Def worth mentioning I suppose.

  • Typical reply then lol Thanks x

  • Could you get a refer to a dermatologist? This sounds like something for them.

  • Yes. In between fingers, on hands and nose. I do not use steroid cream as it weakens the skin. I put honey on it and clears up with no scarring or itching.

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