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Not asking for help, just having a bit of a rant! Dr L's gone with no notice, no warning - even though it turns out I saw him a week before he left! I rang yesterday to make sure my blood test form was ready and the (lovely) receptionist told me he'd gone (and was rather surprised he hadn't bothered to tell me himself, especially as it was not a last-minute decision.) . . . I have spent *years* training him up and now I have to start all over again . . . and I'm not going back to Dr N ('You're so brave but there's nothing I can do' is NOT what I want to hear; what I want to hear is, 'Let's try this . . .'). ARGH. I am now going to go and bang my head against the wall for ten minutes and then take to my bed and eat chocolate (can't remember who suggested that last week, but I took note of it as a good - well, maybe not cure-all, but least a good put-up-with-all-this-crap-all!!). So next week I'm off to see Dr K. Let's hope he's open-minded and willing to listen. Have a good day, lupies all!

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Sorry carcrashgal...I understand. I have new health ins and had to find a whole bunch of new doctors. I am not sure I like my gp. He was a little strange. Cut me off when I was explaining my history. Oh well. I was just going to get diagnosed so as to not feel like I'm crazy. Not interested in their solutions, which is medicine with side effects. I will find my own natural help. Which by the way, check out my post on enzymes! Good luck...

Carcrashgal in reply to Natura

I was just reading the enzyme post and will definitely check into that. Thanks for sympathy; always appreciated!

Natura in reply to Carcrashgal

Welcome! Feel good!

Sorry to hear this too carcrashgirl - hope the replacement doc is a kind, understanding and lupus savvy person that you can relate too. Keep on with the choc therapy - it may have been on my posts that you saw that - I'm such a great believer in it! Will most probably be eating a lot more of it soon as I will soon be giving up smoking! Keep on keeping on. Love your user name by the way - makes me smile every time I see a post from you! XX

I think it was, and it made me laugh because in the midst of all this nonsense little things can still cheer us . . . Best of luck with the giving up smoking - my sister's finally managed after 40 years of 60 a day and I am *so* proud of her! (Mind you, always reminds me of 'Oh yes, he's tried *everything* to give up smoking - except willpower!') She's found the electronic cigarettes really helpful - she said not having something to do with her hands was the hardest thing to change. (I'd suggested liquorice pipes but she deemed that 'unhelpful' - honestly, sisters!) Have a good evening!


Hi carcrashgal, on the subject of absent gps, it reminded me of two of mine. I was starting to get ill and as you know, you need consistency with your dr. The first GP, who was trying to get me diagnosed, suddenly, upped and left the NHS. He wrote a big article for the daily mirror newspaper about his disgust at the NHS, and why he had resigned. Imagine when months later, he was on TV giving Botox injections to the rich housewives in chigwell !!!!! His replacement, who did not think I was ill, suddenly disappeared too. He was sacked for indecent behaviour towards some of his female patients !!!! I know how to pick em.......hahaha

Carcrashgal in reply to Hidden

That's priceless! I'm going to stop moaning - at least I've never lost a GP for gropery and havey-cavey goings-on! One day someone's going to start a register of GPs we can trust - wouldn't that be a blessing? Hope you've got someone decent now . . .

Hi Carcrashgal

That is so tough when our trusted docs leave/retire. It can be hard starting again with someone else, so wearing explaining everything so good luck for DrK. Let us know how you get on.X

Ahhh been there too Carcrashgirl, my gp AND Rheumy went at the same time! Very stressfull time BUT after initially being underwhelmed by the newbies, they are listening & responding.

Good luck.x

Hi carcrashgal,

I'm so sorry to hear that your gp has retired and shame on him for not telling you. I really feel for you as I am the 1st lupus patient at my surgery and they didn't have a clue how to treat me. Over a year on and like you I have a fantastic dr who really listens and takes my condition seriously and when she doesn't know how to treat me she calls my rheumy and follows his advice.

Good luck finding a new 1 and you enjoy your well deserved bed and chocolate! ;)

I shall report back in two weeks' time (that's one thing that *hasn't* changed at the surgery: having to wait two or three weeks for an appointment . . . thank heavens for the emergency clinic!). Have a good one today, Lupies all. We rock!

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