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I have Rec the phone Call n the Assessment Pack Limited capability 4 work Questionnaire!!! More n more I look in2 it eg Google it more WORRIED I am getting!!!! I am Genuine ill I have had Lupus SLE since 2000!!! I am always Tired I have not long had a Flare!!! How do they expect u get back 2 work!!! I had 2 fight 2 get my DLA last year after years of trying!!!! I do Volunteer work 1 afternoon a week n that's enough 4 me!!! I will fill in the form best I can!!!!

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Hi, I rang DIAL who sent a pack out with advice on how to answer the questions .I was successful, but am now awaiting again for reply as I was contribution based and have had to fill them in again18 month later. There is help out there to assist you with them, don't let it get you down. Good luck.


There is a lot of advice on the internet about how to complete the form but make sure you answer the questions specifically about yourself, not about "people with lupus," because health problems don't get you points, only your own specific impairment or health problems.

Give as many examples as you can, for example details which things you struggle with, even if they don't seem relevant. Look for the leading questions, the one about setting the alarm clock is a trick question because I bet there are other things you forget how to do. It doesn't have to be an alarm clock. You will know why I mean when you answer the form.

Definitely tell them about any anxiety and depression, and how it affects your daily life, as that is a specific lupus symptom. You don't have to have had specific treatment like depression or anxiety drugs.

If you can do something but have to lie down afterwards, don't say you have no problem doing it. Say you can do it with difficulty. Then write in the box that you have to lie down afterwards.

If you are on immunosuppressants, describe the side effects and that you have to stay away from anyone with infections, for example.

Also bear in mind a lot of the stuff on the internet which is scaring you is not relevant to you and just ignore it.

Only concern yourself with what the DWP actually tell you.


Hi MancRhian

Don't fill in the form yourself, if you can take it to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau who will be able to help you fill the questions in the right way. That's what I did and it worked because you have to answer how you are at your very worst to stand any chance of getting it. Good luck with it.x


Good point misty.

I would add, to have a very good look at the form an think about it over a period of time, then either write out your answers on a sheet of paper, or write them on "post its" and stick the" post its" next to each answer.

Then when you see the adviser you can talk your answers through and they can help you phrase them in the best way.

The advisers don't have unlimited time to talk it through with you and once they have written on the form you may remember something else but no room left to put it in.

I know personally I can think things through much easier if I am on my own in a quiet place than with other people around.

Sometimes I wake up in the night having remembered an important thing I had forgotten about.

The more information you put on the form (or get the adviser to put) the less likely you are to be asked to attend a face to face assessment.

Once the form is complete be sure to photocopy it and keep it safe, in case you do get asked to attend a face to face appointment or appeal, you can take it with you to refer to, I find it much easier to explain things if I have them written down.


Write the form based on your worst day. I've always sent copies of medical reports, consultants letters, my repeat prescription and even things regarding my children - they're both young carers and how my health affects them. I've never had a medical since applying for incapacity or transferring to ESA because I send so much documentation. I have neuropsychiatric sle with lupus anticoagulant and oesteoporosis. They tend to give me 18 months work related but as its over 12 months they don't push you to prep for work just give you a pep talk about doing voluntary work for 15mins a week to perk you up and feel better about yourself or do some free on line courses that you do at your own pace. Good luck xx


Definitely, what Guildford says.

There is no point thinking about the best you can do, as if you were supposed to go to work or even do a job search on your worst day, you would not be able to.

Also, if you can get copies of any letters your consultant wrote to your GP and include them with the claim. Refer to them when you complete the form.

Also, don't just think about what you are able to do. Think about what a fit healthy person your age would be able to do.

When the form is completed, there shouldn't be much empty space left. You should have completed all the boxes, unless there are things you are 100% ok with all the time. The more you tell them, the better.


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