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recovering from holiday

Hi to all. I just got back from turkey on saturday. had a good holiday but came back with diarrhoea. went to doctors and they gave me dioralyte! I felt like a kid! Anyway im feeling so weak and tired.. The diorrhea has eased off but how do I get my energy back. I went to work for 2 days and couldn't make it in today because i felt so weak and tired and now getting head aches due to dehydration. what do i do? rest or push myself and go to work?

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Hi there Heda...glad you enjoyed yourself in Turkey....was it mega hot???

Your GP did the very best thing in prescribing dioralyte, as it replaces essential minerals and salts, and helps to build up fluid levels when you dilute it in water 3-4 times daily. Glucose with added vitamins can be brought at most pharmacies and this taken instead of refined sugars will help you regain your energy. If you cannot stand the taste of sugar or sweet foods, then fresh fruit has natural sugar and will have a beneficial effect over a few days.

How much rest you need is an individual issue, so tricky to advise. If you are struggling to concentrate and dropping to sleep at work, then it may be you need more time to recover.



I recently contracted a 24 D&V hour bug and so did the person I live with. It took me far longer to recover than they. I stupidly allowed myself to become dehydrated because i did not even feel like drinking water. This is the first time I have had any sickness since my diagnosis and the longest I have ever taken to recover from something like that. Can only assume that the SLE caused the longer recovery time as it took a full week to stop the awful weakness and wobbly legs. The dehydration certainly did not help matters either, and I gather this can be a problem with people who have immune problems, so you definitely need to ensure you have enough fluid intake. Hope you recover and feel better very soon.


Glad you had a nice hol.I just love Turkey we are off in Oct.

There is a bug going around hope you are better soon.


Aww thanks for your messages. The dioralyte is actually working. So hopefully I'll be up and running soon.


Glad you are feeling a bit better. I've found that having lupus means I get any viruses doubly bad. I find drinking coconut water really helps when dehydrated and feeling sick. It's available at health food stores.. perhaps even supermarkets too these days? Be gentle on yourself and give yourself time to recover xx


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