LDN a cheap and viable patient option for autoimmune disease

Such a shame that it is so hard to get hold of and considering how effective it is, the public are being kept away from it, probably because it is cheap and effective so big pharma would rather keep it quiet. Please sign and share the petition and help promote it further.


Please help gain mass signature! MaryF x

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  • Thanks Mary. I've spent a couple of hours researching this and, since I'm now out of options (apart from chemo) treatment-wise, think I would like to give this a go. Will discuss with my Rheumatologist next month and let you know how I get on. x

  • You will probably hear the answer no... you have to try through the LDN Research Trust, please help push the film and petition.. we are being short changed and so is the NHS.. establishment, big pharma and the medical regulator all helping to keep it out of our reach! MaryF x

  • Oh don't worry, I'm just going to ask what he thinks and am not expecting a script - although I must say he's usually in favour of me trying different things and will help where he can. Already had a shifty round LDN website and will obtain it privately elsewhere if necessary. Have also forwarded details to a friend with MS.

  • Good please sign and circulate, it is people power that is needed to get thousands of signatures on board! MaryF x

  • Have signed and fingers crossed x

  • Great, please pass it on if you can, MaryF x

  • Thank you for posting this x I have signed the petition and asked all my friends on facebook to sign it too!

  • Thank you, if they share the film also it will make more sense, thank you. MaryF x

  • signed

  • Thank you please do circulate also for more, MaryF x

  • Signed and disseminated. Stories like this, suggesting Big Business is happy to see people suffer if it means enhancing their profits make me really, really depressed.

  • yes the public need to fight back hard....I sign worthy petitions and circulate, it is apathy in any situation which destroys action, thank you for your support. MaryF x

  • Signed, not heard of this before, will make further investigations. Thanks

  • Please think of signing petition and sharing alongside the film it needs 'people power' MaryF x

  • Hello just look up LDN it will give you a lot of information. Good luck.

  • I have been taking LDN for a few years now. It has definitely improved my health and energy levels, and I have not had a Lupus flare since I started taking it. The only drawback is, it keeps me awake the odd night. I buy mine privately as many doctors are not willing to prescribe it. If your doctor won't prescribe it, get in touch with the LDN trust as Mary says. My private prescription cost £18.50 a month. It is delivered by post. Thousands of people in the UK take it for autoimmune diseases. There is also an LDN facebook group.

    I will sign your petition Mary. I did sign a petition during the last Labour Government calling for clinical trials for LDN and another one to the EU. Unfortunately they didn't go anywhere as pharmaceuticals are not interested in clinical trials for LDN as it is an old drug. Hopefully though the more we push, the more likely they are to listen.

  • thanks, yes please share and also with the film it has more impact to help people understand. MaryF x

  • signed and on my fb site

  • thank you superstar. MaryF x

  • Petition signed and video shared via Facebook

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Hi Mary, signed and passed onto all my contacts, asking them to forward in turn to all their contacts too.

    Well done Mary for bringing this to the table.

  • Thanks, if everybody I sent it to did this we would get somewhere. MaryF x

  • Signed x

  • Great, thank you, please pass it on if you can to gain more, MaryF x

  • Posted to FB also x

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Totally agree MaryF. I believe it's all about the pharmaceutical company's. It's disgraceful that this happens, this cheaper drug that's been on the go for many years could help alleviate so many symptoms and improve the quality of people's lives. Doctors are also to blame.

  • Yes, same with natural desiccated thyroid treatments etc, hope you sign and share, ad thanks MaryF x

  • Is LDN a specific drug that helps autoimmune disorders?

  • It seems to help a lot of people, including myself, I should google the LDN Research Trust, they have a lot of listed information. MaryF

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