Please could you help with this?

Hi there, I would be so grateful if people could help me get the numbers up on this petition: I really have had some good care, but also had the opposite. If people do sign AND SHARE, then it could really go places, and stop medical staff and patients being treated so badly when issues are raised. Please take that minute to help me. Thanks:

Mary F x

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  • Done :)

  • Thank you, if only more people could sign and share we might all have better care and save money for more care xx Thanks again.

  • All done good Luck x

  • Thank you very much... if everybody did this... we would go places with this.. thanks... I always sign anything valid which comes my way... people power etc Mary F x

  • Done!

  • gosh a bunch superstars on here, thanks x

  • This is a very important petition and very relevant to us who use the NHS. Well done MaryF

  • Thank. you, if only more people would sign and share we might get somewhere, better for us and better for staff and the money going around more efficiently. Thanks Mary F x

  • Done! Hope this has some Teeth......

  • thanks, will do if people pass on as well as signing x

  • Done x

  • Thanks. M x

  • signed

  • Thanks. v much, I know there are three of the blighters, but if they all get signed and shared, we might all get somewhere if we get enough sigs. Ta xxx

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