Please support Dorothy Jump

Support her petition to transfer indefinate DLA to PIP.

I believe the government blanket granted indefinate to DLA recipients to fuel their claim too many people were on it to allow the introduction of PIP. 


I have Lupus plus more, like you. My illness is incurable, like yours. Indefinate should mean just that. If they want to bandy words lets give them a dictionary.


Please sign the petition and get your loved ones to do the same.

It is in ALL our interests

Thanks guys



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12 Replies

  • where do i sign please .i am indefinate ,

  • Look for


  • Unfortunately FG the dwp came across that wonderful word FLUCTUATING in relation to many conditions such as Lupus,RA,Fibro etc which means that even if you have as we all have incurable lifelong conditions due to their fluctuating in terms of severity you may have good days and that is what they will use against sufferers.

  • Too true effie. Any way they can manipulate words to their ends. Going thru it now so will heed your extra information. Seeing disability rights tomorrow to help fill in book. Will let you know result, whenever!

    Wish me luck


  • were do we sign, i was for life but since going onto pip i was given 10 years then have to claim again the whole system is a joke .

  • See

    They have many petitions for injustices raised by ordinary folk. Look it up on the web



  • Who is Dorothy Jump? I ask because that was my maiden name! Off to find the petition now :-)


  • Sure will but would like the link to sign 

  • Sorry ann but I aint suffocated enuff to no how those new fangled links werk. I just put in search engine and went from there.  Tubamags, You get a bio of petition starter I think with the petition. It also helps you spread the werd if youse clever enuff on headvolume or birdsong (!) dont ask, dont like em! 

    The more the merrier

    Oh and guys, there is one for getting a suffrogette statue in parliament square too. Girl power!

    Luv n stuff


  • Hi Footygirl

    Thanks for highlighting this petition. Could somebody who finds it on give us the link as you can't search for it on the website, means scrolling thru thousands!. 

    Many thanksX

  • Go onto and search Dorothy Jump PIP it will come up. I signed up to get emails about various petitions sometime ago and now you get emails asking you to sign, some I continue to follow and many have come out on top and won. When you see victory on the email then you know you have helped in a small way to get them justice. Sign it.

    Good luck Dorothy.

    Thanks Footygirl. noonoox

  • Thanks noonoo, guru and IT expert too! Wow🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 ha


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